15% Off All Mushroom Products: Happy Mushroom Day!

15% Off All Mushroom Products: Happy Mushroom Day!

🍄 Ethereal Gold Dispensary Mushroom Day Sale! 🍄 

Unlock the magic of mushrooms with our exclusive Mushroom Day Sale! Enjoy a solid 15% off on all our premium mushroom products until October 15th at Midnight.

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  • Lab-Tested: All end products are full-panel tested for your safety.
  • Diverse Selection: From exotic strains to classic favorites.
  • Do The Right Thing: 2% of every sale donated to charities that help communities affected by the "War on Drugs"
  • Rewarding: 5% back as rewards and a free gift offer every month after spending $100

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Exclusive Deals:

  • 15% Off All Mushroom Products
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  • Sale ends October 15th at Midnight.
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