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Welcome to Ethereal Gold Dispensary, your trusted online source for the finest selection of Jolly cannabis products. Ethereal Gold Dispensary is proud to partner with Jolly, a brand born from the love and passion of a family of cannabis enthusiasts in Phoenix, Arizona. Here, we share in Jolly's commitment to purity, quality, and accessibility, offering an array of Jolly products that cater to your every need.

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Mission-Driven Excellence from Jolly

Jolly was founded on three core values that resonate through every product we stock from their line:

  • Natural Ingredients, No Synthetics: Jolly is steadfast in its commitment to natural, high-quality cannabis. You won't find any synthetic cannabinoids here. Every Jolly product, from their renowned Jolly edibles to the satisfying Jolly gummies, is crafted in Arizona with no Delta 8 or Delta 10, ensuring you receive only the best mother nature has to offer.
  • The Power of Cannabinoid Harmony: Jolly believes in the enhanced benefits of combining cannabinoids. Their products not only feature THC, but also include CBD and other minor cannabinoids. This philosophy of harmony brings you a more balanced and beneficial experience, evident in the popular Jolly gummies and Jolly vape products.
  • Accessibility for All: Jolly's dedication to inclusivity is unmatched. A majority of their edibles, including the sought-after Jolly gummy, are vegan, kosher, gluten-free, and made with real fruit puree. They also offer products without any THC, ensuring that everyone can find something at Ethereal Gold Dispensary.

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Ethereal Gold Dispensary offers an extensive range of Jolly products. Whether you're in the market for the relaxing effects of Jolly legal cannabis, the discreet convenience of a Jolly disposable vape, or the purity and potency of Jolly THC products, we have you covered. Our selection includes:

  • Jolly Edibles: Enjoy the delightful flavors and effects of cannabis with our vegan and gluten-free options.
  • Jolly Gummies: Perfect for on-the-go consumption, these gummies are a tasty way to enjoy your cannabis.
  • Jolly Vape Cartridges and Disposable Vapes: Experience the purity of Jolly's cannabis oil with our vape products, designed for discreet and easy use.

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Experience the difference of high-quality, natural cannabis products by shopping Jolly at Ethereal Gold Dispensary. Discover the joy and benefits of Jolly's commitment to purity, quality, and accessibility today.


A majority of Jolly edibles are vegan, kosher, gluten-free, and made with real fruit puree. However, we recommend checking specific product details for confirmation.

Yes, Jolly offers products without THC to cater to customers who want the benefits of cannabinoids without the psychoactive effects.

All Jolly products are lab-tested, and their Certificates of Analysis (COAs) are readily available on our website. Jolly uses only natural ingredients without any synthetic cannabinoids.

Yes, besides THC, Jolly products include CBD and other minor cannabinoids to enhance the benefits and provide a balanced experience.

Enter the coupon code JOLLYETHEREAL at checkout on the Ethereal Gold Dispensary website to receive a 10% discount on your first purchase of Jolly products.