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Plunge into the revitalizing realm of mushroom beverages — specially curated to invigorate the senses and re-energize the soul. Our expansive collection guarantees a fusion of taste and energy, perfectly encapsulating the magic of mushrooms.

  • Mushroom Elixir Drinks: Experience the mystical allure of our mushroom elixirs. Every drop is an amalgamation of ancient traditions and the pure essence of selected mushrooms, ensuring a harmonious journey with every sip.
  • Mushroom Energy Drinks: Quench your thirst for energy with our mushroom energy drinks. Crafted for those who seek the perfect balance of flavor and vitality, these drinks are the ideal companions for every moment that demands a burst of energy.

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    Legal Mushroom Beverages

    At the forefront of our ethos is unwavering dedication to upholding the highest legal standards. Our mushroom beverages are meticulously crafted to align with national regulations. As we continuously adapt to evolving standards, we emphasize the significance of understanding state-specific regulations. Some of our products might be subject to shipping restrictions based on local regulations.If you ever find yourself questioning the legality of a specific product in your state, feel free to reach out to our Handlers through our online chat for assistance! We pride ourselves on bringing all of our vast knowledge to our customers to make each experience as magical as possible.

    Adaptogenic Mushroom Drinks

    Rooted in nature's vast repository of wellness, our adaptogenic mushroom drinks offer a symphony of age-old wisdom and modern well-being. Beyond just a beverage, these drinks are an invitation to form a deep bond with nature, guiding you towards a tranquil state of body and mind.

    Enjoy a vast array of mushrooms in our beverages that have amazing potential wellness benefits! From a boost of energy to a sense of peace and relaxation we have something for everyone.

    Magic Mushroom Drinks

    While we don't have magic mushroom drinks on our menu just yet, we proudly offer a curated selection of psychoactive edibles for those seeking a unique journey. Each treat is crafted with precision, grounded in ancient traditions, and showcases the potent essence of psychoactive ingredients. Every sip promises a voyage of introspection, discovery, and a profound bond with the universe.

    The Best Mushroom Drinks Delivered Directly to You

    While local stores might tempt you with their offerings, Ethereal Gold Dispensary guarantees unparalleled quality. Regardless of where you are, our full panel tested mushroom drinks are within your reach, embodying both potency and safety. No need to look elsewhere, for the best mushroom drink is just a click away. With our discreet shipping, rest assured your products will arrive with the utmost privacy. And as a token of our gratitude, our unique rewards program offers exclusive benefits with each order. Elevate your experience with Ethereal Gold Dispensary.


    Adaptogenic mushroom drinks contain specific mushrooms known to help the body counteract stress, offering a spectrum of wellness benefits.

    While we offer legal mushroom beverages nationwide, shipping availability may differ based on local state regulations.

    Mushroom elixirs provide a milder mushroom experience with little to no caffeine, ideal for beginners or those seeking subtlety. In contrast, mushroom energy drinks offer a more intense energized journey.

    Our energy drinks combine premium ingredients with select mushroom extracts and a unique blend of nootropics, as well as natural caffeine ensuring a genuine and memorable taste with each sip.

    For the best experience, keep your mushroom drinks refrigerated, as they are meant to be enjoyed cold.