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Subscribe to Your Favorite Products

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Save up to 30% on your favorite items from Ethereal Gold Dispensary! (Discount varies per brand.)

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Schedule your subscription for every week, two weeks, month, or two months. Easily skip an order if you aren’t ready for more products.

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Receive email alerts before your next order ships, for easy order management.

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Easily swap or add products to your next subscription order.

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Have a discount? Apply it to your subscription and watch as you receive that additional amount off every month!

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Never worry about if your favorite items will be in stock or not. You'll get your favorite items on time, every time.

How it Works

Step 1: Choose Your Products

You can subscribe to almost all of our products. Save up to 30% off of your favorite items (amount off varies per brand.)
How it Works

Step 2: Select Your Frequency

Get products shipped to your door every week, two weeks, month, or every two months. You can change your frequency at any time or skip a delivery!​
How it Works

Step 3: Enjoy

Enjoy your favorite products and how they support your day-to-day missions. You can always edit your subscription, and swap or add products!


Yes! There’s no commitment here. Skip or cancel your order before your next order date.

No, you can subscribe to whatever you like.

Yes, you can make changes up to 24 hours before your re-order date.

Yes. Orders over $45 always receive free shipping!

You can manage your subscription from your Account page.