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What are THC-infused edibles?

Cannabis baked edibles are food products that are infused or sometimes coated with hemp-derived cannabinoids. They are eaten for fun, for health benefits, or just to relax. While edibles have always been popular as a niche market, they have been growing rapidly in popularity since CBD was federally legalized and THC cannabis legalization has been expanding by state. 

It appears that edibles started back in the day with the ever famous homemade pot brownies. The first known published cannabis baked edible recipe was for hashish brownies back in 1954, in  “The Alice B. Toklas Cookbook”. This book is still available for those of you interested in the history of cannabis brownies or even how to make cannabis brownies at home. Fortunately, cannabis baked edibles popularity is growing due to the tons of new, creative, and delicious myriad of options available. Combine that with the many new and returning consumers of legal cannabis that prefer not to smoke and the result is a growing market for hemp-derived and THC products. The challenge is to narrow down the vast array of selections and pick your favorite type, flavors, and cannabinoids. Make sure to check that the products you select are produced in a controlled and safe manner and are thoroughly tested and documented.

Popularity of cannabis baked goods

Cannabis baked goods have evolved tremendously over the years and especially as public cannabis acceptance is being restored and legalization is increasing. Total sales of cannabis edibles in the U.S. were over 3.5 billion dollars in 2021. Due to this growing market, you no longer are stuck making pot brownies or cannabis cookies at home. You don’t have to hope that some dude’s weed brownies or cannabis cookie recipes are good. Homemade cannabis brownies or pot cookies can be very hit or miss due to dosing inconsistency and flavor.

DIY vs. Pre-made

There are quite a few options for cannabis baked edibles, including, but not limited to, cannabis rice crispy treats, cannabis cookies, cannabis brownies, and cannabutter. You can even use cannabutter kits for general cooking.

One issue with cannabis baked edibles is that, if made properly, they can be delicious! Mix deliciousness with THC/Delta-9 and your homemade pot brownies can be a recipe for overconsumption. Overconsumption can be extremely pleasing while eating, but can ruin your experience. Who’s woken up in the middle of the night with cotton mouth or felt like they ate a desert?  Yes, your dessert can become a desert in your mouth when too much THC is consumed. You may even find yourself passed out on the couch — or worse yet on the floor.

On the opposite end of the spectrum are the weed brownies made with flower. Have you ever bitten into a pot brownie that was made with flower, not mixed properly or was not measured correctly? When someone wings it and doesn’t actually follow a recipe for pot or hemp brownies, it can be the equivalent of a bitter clump of chocolatey dried grass.

Fortunately, you don’t have to know how to make your own cannabis brownies. You don’t have to spend hours searching for the best cannabis cookies recipe, and you don’t have to play Russian Roulette with your dosing. Save your time, save your energy, and save your money! There are so many fun and delicious treat options out there that all you have to do is buy from a reliable, trusted source to assure that you have the enjoyable and positive experience that you are looking for,

Types of cannabis baked goods

Some, but by all means not all, popular cannabis baked edibles: 

  • Cannabis rice crispy treats or cannabis rice krispy treats
  • Cannabis cocoa squares
  • Cannabis cookies
  • Cannabis brownies

The Power of Cannabis Baked Edibles

Ironically, cannabis baked edibles are not only a great way to get baked, but can also provide many of the health benefits of tinctures, gummies, vapes, or flower. These may include help with anxiety, reduced stress, pain relief, and improved sleep.

At Ethereal Gold Dispensary, we have several different kinds of THC-infused edibles to accommodate your unique needs. We provide a powerful way to enjoy THC, including:

  • Euphoria – Our edible cannabinoids provide a pleasant euphoric buzz shortly after consumption. THC edibles are the perfect mood-booster and are great for chasing those blues away.
  • Relaxation – Infused edibles can also promote feelings of relaxation in both the body and the mind. Our tasty treats are designed to help you to unwind at the end of a long, stressful day.
  • Improved sleep – Certain types of THC edibles can purposefully induce feelings of drowsiness and increased physical comfort, both of which help you enjoy a long and more restful night’s sleep.
  • Increased appetite – Consuming our THC edibles can stimulate appetite, ideal for those who have a hard time motivating themselves to consume enough food.
  • Reduced anxiety – Our edibles have been reported by others to help lower feelings of anxiety in consumers, resulting in a greater overall quality of life. 

All of our products are tested and safe, with legally-approved levels of THC. Experience these life-changing benefits for yourself and check out our collection of THC edibles for sale today.

The Best Place to Get Cannabis Baked Edibles Near Me

When you are looking for a combination of deliciousness, dosage control, consistency, and thorough testing in a safe product, look no further than Ethereal Gold Dispensary. Your experience, your health and your safety are our top priorities at Ethereal Gold Dispensary. Why run the risk of consuming untested products that contain solvents, pesticides, heavy metals, or mycotoxins? Why roll the dice with unknown homemade products when you can buy high quality, tested, consistent products that can even be good for you?

We are dedicated to offering only the safest, most effective, and highest-quality cannabis baked edibles near you for sale. Our products are safe, legal, and socially responsible:


We are an industry leader in ensuring the products in our portfolio are safe and effective. Our testing standards exceed both state and federal laws. This is the Ethereal Gold Standard. We are the first dispensary in the United States to insist that all the products for sale on our website (and our physical location) carry full panel Certificates of Analysis (COAs). contaminants, and much more. This makes Ethereal Gold Dispensary the safest place to get cannabis baked edibles.

Socially Responsible

We are proud to be the first dispensary in Wisconsin to be taking an active stance. Every quarter, part of every single sale is donated to communities negatively impacted by the “War on Drugs” and previous legislation. 

When you shop from Ethereal Gold Dispensary, you are guaranteed safe and high-quality products. Shop our range of our cannabis baked edibles or contact one of our Handlers via our chat bubble for more information.