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Discover the perfect blend of taste and relaxation with our exclusive range of Floral THC Beverages at Ethereal Gold Dispensary. Our carefully curated selection includes both the Floral THC drink and the floral thc seltzer, catering to every palate.

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Product Range

  • Floral THC Cocktails: Savor the rich, full flavor of our THC-infused cocktails, offering a low-calorie alternative to traditional drinks. Each cocktail is carefully crafted for a taste that's both robust and refreshing.
  • Floral THC Seltzers: Our floral thc seltzers provide a light, calorie-free option for those seeking relaxation without the heaviness. Choose from a variety of flavors for a soothing, laid-back drinking experience.
  • Floral THC Sparkling Water: Dive into the crisp, refreshing world of Floral THC Sparkling Water, a hydrating choice with a subtle CBD infusion. Perfect for hydration and relaxation, it’s an ideal drink for any time of day.

Why Choose Floral THC Beverages?

  • Health Conscious: Low-calorie, non-alcoholic options perfect for social gatherings.
  • Quality Ingredients: Hemp-derived Delta-9 THC and CBD for a balanced, uplifting effect.
  • Diverse Flavors: A variety of flavors to suit every preference.

Floral THC Drink Review

Our customers consistently celebrate the unique taste profiles and delightful sensations offered by Floral THC drinks. These beverages are not just about their THC content; they're about crafting an experience that combines flavor, wellness, and pleasure.

  • Taste that Stands Out: Many customers express their fondness for the distinct and refreshing flavors, which set Floral THC beverages apart from conventional drinks.
  • A Relaxing Experience: Users often report a soothing, calming effect, making these drinks ideal for unwinding after a long day or enjoying a relaxed social gathering.
  • Euphoria and Wellness Combined: The balanced blend of THC and CBD in our drinks provides a light, euphoric feeling while also prioritizing health and wellness.
  • Suitable for Various Occasions: Whether it's a casual meetup with friends or a moment of solitary relaxation, our customers find these beverages to be the perfect companion.

In summary, our Floral THC drinks are not just about enjoying a THC-infused beverage; they're about embracing a lifestyle that values taste, relaxation, and wellbeing.

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Floral THC Drink Where to Buy

Ethereal Gold Dispensary is your exclusive destination for Floral THC products, including our full panel lab-tested options. Not only do we offer discreet shipping for your convenience, but our on-site assistance is always available to answer any questions you might have. Choose Ethereal Gold Dispensary for the best service and a seamless purchasing experience. Find us easily for Floral THC and Floral delta-9 near you.


Floral THC drinks contain hemp-derived Delta-9 THC in compliance with legal standards, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.

Yes, all our Floral THC Beverages are non-alcoholic, offering a health-conscious alternative to traditional drinks.

Yes, visit Ethereal Gold Dispensary's website to browse and purchase our Floral THC range.

These alcohol free cocktails are available in popular drink flavors. We offer a variety of flavors including Moscow mule, margarita and mojito.

Visit Ethereal Gold Dispensary's store locator to find the closest outlet offering Floral THC Beverages.