Koi Muscimind Review

Koi Muscimind Review: A Deep Dive into Alternative Magic Mushrooms

Welcome to our comprehensive review of the Koi Muscimind product line, available at Ethereal Gold Dispensary. As enthusiasts always on the lookout for the next best thing in the realm of magical experiences, we were excited to put Koi Muscimind's offerings to the test. Our journey took us through their gummies and liquid trip shots, and we've also explored alternative magic mushroom products to provide you with a well-rounded perspective. Let's dive into the mystical world of Muscimind and see if it lives up to the hype.

Koi Muscimind Gummies Review

Ethereal Gold Dispensary presents three flavors of Koi Muscimind gummies, each promising a unique journey into relaxation and magic. We eagerly tried all three, following the official Koi dosage guide:

  • Micro Dose: 1-3 gummies
  • Modest Dose: 4-6 gummies
  • Macro Dose: 7-10 gummies

Our anticipation was high, but the results were somewhat underwhelming. At a micro dose, the effects were barely noticeable — merely a slight cloudiness and a sense of relaxation. We expected the modest dose to ramp things up, but, disappointingly, the effects remained about the same. Pushing forward to the macro dose, we hoped for a significant leap in the experience. Unfortunately, it felt like chasing a mirage; the magic we sought remained just out of reach and it did not feel as if the effects increased at all. Despite the great flavors, the gummies' effects were consistently lacking across all dosage options. They didn't quite deliver the magical infusion we were hoping for.

Koi Muscimind Liquid Trip Review

Not ones to be easily deterred, we moved on to Koi's liquid trip shots, intrigued by their promise of a liquid adventure. The shots were delicious, a testament to Koi's ability to craft enjoyable flavors. However, the journey ended there. Much like the gummies, the liquid trips fell short of expectations. Rather than embarking on a mystical voyage, we found ourselves barely leaving the dock, with only a slight relaxed body feel to show for it. (I'd even go so far as to say the boat never even cast off.) The promised magic was nowhere to be found, leaving these liquid trips feeling far from the transformative experience we were craving.

Magical Mushroom Product Alternatives

In the search for the profound and magical experiences that Koi Muscimind seemed to promise but couldn't deliver, we turned to alternatives. The magic mushroom product line from TRE House. Currently offering gummies and even chocolate bars, TRE House stands as a beacon for those seeking a deeper, more vivid, and truly magical experience. Their products not only promised, but even delivered the trippy visuals, enhanced colors, and the deep, immersive experiences we were searching for (full review to come). Compared to the light touch of relaxation offered by Muscimind products, TRE House brought us the full spectrum of magic we desired. If you're in pursuit of an experience that transcends the ordinary, we highly recommend exploring what TRE House has to offer.

More Magic, More Mushrooms, Shipped Discreet to You

While the journey with Koi Muscimind products from Ethereal Gold Dispensary may offer a starting point for newcomers seeking a mild (emphasis on mild) sense of relaxation, those yearning for a deeper dive into the magical should look beyond. The alternatives provided by TRE House have proven to be far superior in delivering the vivid, immersive experiences that true enthusiasts seek. Our love and confidence in these magic mushrooms from TRE House continues, and we are proud to be one of the first locations carrying the new Magic mushroom vapes and syrups! So, whether you're new to the scene or a seasoned explorer of the mystical, it's clear that the quest for the ultimate magical experience may lead you beyond Koi Muscimind and straight to the doors of TRE House. 

As an added bonus you can enjoy all your magical mushrooms with 10% off when you use the code MAR24BLOG at checkout, discreetly shipped and full panel tested as always. Enjoy your journeys brave explorer. 


What flavors do Koi Muscimind gummies come in?

Koi Muscimind gummies are available in three delicious flavors. Grape Lemonade, Peach Razz and Strawberry Cotton Candy.

How do I determine the right dose of Koi Muscimind gummies for me?

Follow the official Koi dosage guide: Micro (1-3 gummies), Modest (4-6 gummies), and Macro (7-10 gummies) to find the dose that provides the desired effect. Effects may vary by individual.

Are the Koi Muscimind liquid trip shots effective?

While the liquid trip shots taste delicious, their effects are primarily a slight relaxation, falling short of a magical or deeply immersive experience.

What are the alternative products to Koi Muscimind for a more magical experience?

For those seeking a deeper, more vivid magical experience, the TRE House magic mushroom product line, including vapes, syrup, and gummies, is highly recommended.

Can I find TRE House products at Ethereal Gold Dispensary?

Ethereal Gold Dispensary is one of the first locations to carry all TRE House products. Available nationwide with discreet shipping on all orders.