Orca Energy Pre-Workout Pill
Orca Energy Pre-Workout Pill

Orca Energy Pre-Workout Pill

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2mg Delta-9, 200mg B-12, 5mg Thiamine, 1mcg Biotin, 15mg Caffeine, 5mg Zinc per Pill

Elevate your workout experience with the unparalleled power of the ORCA Energy Pre-Workout Pill. Specially designed to provide the ultimate workout boost, each pill is carefully crafted with a potent blend of fast-acting, microdosed Delta-9 THC, caffeine, B vitamins, and zinc.

With each tin housing 30 dynamic pills, ORCA Energy offers an effective pre-workout solution for serious fitness enthusiasts. Each microdosed pill delivers a robust 2mg of Delta-9 THC that enhances mood and assists in managing pain perception, paving the way for an elevated workout experience.

To keep you mentally agile and energized, every pill packs a 15mg punch of caffeine. This is perfectly combined with a powerful trio of B vitamins; 200mg B-12 for optimized energy metabolism, 1mcg Biotin for supporting energy yield, and 5mg Thiamine for helping to build endurance.

In addition, ORCA Energy is enriched with 5mg of Zinc, a vital nutrient known for its ability to combat workout-induced inflammation. This helps to ensure a smooth recovery, keeping you ready for your next fitness session.

To best experience ORCA Energy, we recommend taking one pill 15 minutes before your workout. With its carefully selected, high-quality ingredients, ORCA Energy Pre-Workout Pill is your perfect partner to maximize motivation, increase energy, and optimize endurance.

Let ORCA Energy revolutionize your workout routine. For a fitness regimen that truly packs a punch, trust in the power of ORCA Energy Pre-Workout Pill. Experience the difference today.

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Orca Energy Pills

Delta-9 THC, Caffeine, B Vitamins (B-12, Biotin, Thiamine), B-12, Zinc

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