Manufacturers: Submit Your Products

Do you have amazing cannabinoid products? Would you like to sell more product with a trusted dispensary that truly cares about their customers and improving the industry as a whole? If you answered yes to the above, please note that we require the below for every product, for every SKU, from each of our manufacturer partners:

  • All products must be made in the USA
  • All products must have full panel COAs
  • All products must have a scannable, functioning QR code that our customers can verify testing.
    • If QR codes are not provided by your lab, contact the Ethereal Gold Dispensary Handlers to discuss some alternate methods that qualify. It is critical that our customers know what is going into their body and, as important, what is not.

If your product(s) meets our standards above, please fill out the form below. Our Handlers will vet your products based on our expertise, and then proceed from there. Only products that meet our criteria will be considered. If your product does not meet the requirements above, but you are interested in learning more about testing and complete full panel COAs, reach out to us by clicking the chat bubble.