What Is Ethereal Gold?

What Is Ethereal Gold?

We get many questions at Ethereal Gold Dispensary about cannabinoids (things like Delta-9, Delta-8, CBG, CBN, and more), about legality, and about other topics. One of the ones we seem to get often when we first talk to people it "What Is Ethereal Gold?" or "Why Ethereal Gold for a Name?". That's a great question. And so we don't have to answer it as much, we're writing this blog post! :)

Before we answer why the words "Ethereal Gold" specifically, let's first answer what the Ethereal Gold Dispensary is. We're a premier online hemp-derived cannabinoid dispensary. We’re based out of Waukesha County, Wisconsin, and have lived in the area as a family for over 75 years. This place has our cherished holiday memories, is the place where we met the loves of our lives, is where we hustle and bustle for work — and is our home. While your state may not be our home (or maybe it is!), we want our dispensary to feel like your home; the place you know you can go to ask questions, get truthful answers, and the support you need.

Our goal is to be lighthearted (especially if you've seen our social media). We call our team Handlers, our customers Agents, our Newsletter a bulletin. We desire an environment that does not feel like you’re walking into a cold and pale doctor’s office. But know this. Our team takes our mission incredibly seriously. 

So...What is "Ethereal Gold"?

Ethereal (pronounced uh·thee·ree·uhl) means "extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world." In our experience, the hemp/cannabinoid/cannabis industry often makes promises that seem too perfect for this world.

  • People are claiming that their cannabinoid product cures a laundry list of illness, chronic diseases, mental health conditions — heck, take a stop into your local CBD store to see if they're guilty of this. Chances are, they have a giant sign plastered in their window or wall with over 30 illnesses/chronic and mental health conditions that CBD can "cure". Our team has seen it in the Wisconsin area, and we're sure you've seen it in yours as well.
  • People claim that their products are made equal to their competitors products and that all cannabinoid products are safe to consume. This is not true. When we first launched Ethereal Gold Dispensary in April, we had to vet the vendors we carry. Out of 48 contacted product manufacturers, when we asked for Certificates of Analysis that showed not just potency, but also tests for residual solvents and other containments:
    • 26 of 48 stopped responding completely or had altered tests.
    • 11 of the 48 said they would not perform additional tests to show their products were solvent and containment free.
    • The remaining 10 were very helpful in providing all the information to show their product was as potent as promised, as well as solvent and contaminant free.

This is 100% how we envision some of the manufacturers we've spoken to
  • People claimed their products have higher cannabinoid percentages/amounts that than they actually had. At Ethereal Gold Dispensary, we have also rejected manufacturers for:
    • Stating products had higher MG per package than they actually did (The worst offender stated it had 600mg of a cannabinoid, when in fact it only had around 250mg. The manufacturer did not see a problem with this). It is generally accepted that 5-10% variance is acceptable in testing for MG amount, not over 50%.
    • While we can't carry these product anyways (as they're not federally legal and medical cannabis isn't legal in Wisconsin yet), some dispensaries in other states will give a ridiculously high THC percentage on edibles. Looking at CoAs, we've found that many of these includes THCa. THCa does not get you high, and should be presented separately. In order for THCa to contribute to making you high, it needs to be heated to over 200F for an extended period of time (or for less time at a much higher temperature) to change to THC. Obviously this is not going to happen when you eat that piece of chocolate.

Gold, on the other hand, is a precious metal. It's real. It's valuable. You know its value just by looking at it.

The Answer

With all that in mind, we chose the name Ethereal Gold because together we can create an experience that is extremely delicate, light, and with a product portfolio that seems almost perfect — because after our vetting process and testing it is. Also, it sounds cool.

If you want to check out some of our vetted products, check out our shop! Don't forget, you can get 20% off your first order by signing up for our bulletin at the bottom of any page.