Pack Boys Selling Boof Products in an Alley

WARNING: Deceptive Marketing & Fake Testing - Pack Boys Hemp

Welcome to Ethereal Gold Dispensary's blog, where we are dedicated to providing our customers with accurate, transparent, and reliable information about the cannabis and hemp products they consume. Today, we're going to discuss a controversial (as well as likely illegal and dangerous) product that has recently surfaced in the Wisconsin area: Pack Boys Hemp.

Pack Boys has been marketing their Delta-9 gummy edibles as having a whopping 750mg of THC per container. However, if the lab testing is to be believed (spoiler: it’s not, because their testing is fake) our investigation reveals that these gummies contain only 30mg of Delta-9 THC and 120mg of CBD per gummy. Not only are their potency claims misleading, but they also lack a valid website or a readily accessible way to view their Certificates of Analysis (COAs). In this blog post, we'll dive deeper into the deceptive marketing practices of Pack Boys cannabis products, highlighting the importance of accurate labeling, and transparency in the industry.

The Truth Behind Pack Boys Hemp's Deceptive & Dangerous Marketing

In the rapidly expanding world of cannabis and hemp products, accurate labeling and transparent marketing practices are of utmost importance. Consumers need to know what they're ingesting to make informed decisions about their health and wellness. Unfortunately, Pack Boys misleading marketing claims and falsified testing are causing confusion and potential harm to unsuspecting consumers.

Inaccurate Potency Claims

One of the primary concerns with Pack Boys Hemp is their inaccurate potency claims. Advertising their Delta-9 gummy edibles as containing 750mg of THC per container is misleading — to say the least. In reality, each gummy (potentially, we can only tell from the testing) contains only 30mg of Delta-9 THC and 120mg of CBD. This discrepancy in potency can lead to consumers unknowingly consuming a higher dose of CBD and a lower dose of THC than they anticipated, which can significantly alter the desired effects.

Lack of Website and COA Accessibility

Another red flag with Pack Boys is the absence of a legitimate website or any accessible means to view their COAs aside from scanning a container. Not only that, but scanning the QR code on the packaging actually takes you to a Wix site that does not work. COAs are essential documents in the cannabis and hemp industry, as they provide consumers with detailed information about the product's cannabinoid content, potency, and safety. Without easy access to COAs, consumers cannot verify the accuracy of potency claims or confirm the safety of Pack Boys Hemp products.

Fake Testing

You can find the testing of the gummies below. There are many major issues, which we have highlighted. These issues have been verified with SC Labs (formerly Botanacor), and SC Labs has verified that Pack Boys Hemp have majorly falsified this COA.

  • Issue 1 (Red and Yellow Highlights): Multiple sections of this testing report have had their data replaced. You can see this in the yellow and red highlights by the background of the replaced text vs. the individual document. SC Labs confirmed they completely replaced the prepared for section, the batch, the test ID, and more.
  • Issue 2 (Orange Highlight): You will note that data for this report says it’s 3/16/22, however, the signatures state 2020. This is not even close to correct, and the signatures would also be 3/16/22.
  • Issue 3 (Green Highlight): SC Labs informed us this circle never says Delta-9 THC percent. Instead it should state CBD percentage.
  • Issue 4 (Purple Highlight): SC Labs has informed us that this entire section has been falsified. They do not use that color blue for their charts and never in that manner for Delta-9 THC.
  • Issue 5 (Black Highlights): SC Labs has informed us that the entirety of this data has been falsified.
    • Potential Issue 6: There is no QR code on this COA. Most have a QR code or a barcode on it which goes right to the lab’s website to verify the COA.
    • Issue 7: SC Labs looked at the lab test for this number, verified it was for a different company entirely, as well as that Pack Boys Hemp is not one of their clients.

    Don't believe us on this information? You can call SC Labs to verify it yourself! Just call their Colorado office and they will tell you every wrong with this lab test themselves.

    Remember, if you have a lab test you are suspicious about, you can contact the lab and they will verify it for free. Otherwise, Ethereal Gold Dispensary is happy to take a look at any product and give you our honest opinion. If it’s a good product, even if we don’t sell it personally, we will tell you so.

    Warning: Unfortunately if you contact the police to verify if a product is legit or not, they will not be able to assist as they do not have an easy way to verify the .3% legality nor the purity or potency of any product. Cannabis testing requires a specialized lab and generally (at least in WI) crime labs are unable to perform these tests. We recommend contacting Ethereal Gold Dispensary for assistance or the testing lab directly.

    Why Transparency and Accurate Labeling Matter

    In an industry that is still developing and evolving, accurate labeling and transparency are crucial for building trust with consumers. When a company like Pack Boys Hemp engages in deceptive marketing practices and out-and-out falsification, it not only erodes consumer trust but also puts the health and safety of consumers at risk. Here's why accurate labeling and transparency are essential:

    • Consumer Safety: Accurate labeling helps consumers make informed decisions about the products they consume, ensuring they can choose products that align with their personal health and wellness goals. Inaccurate labeling, like that of Pack Boys, can lead to unintended side effects and potential harm to consumers.
    • Consumer Confidence: Transparent marketing practices( such as providing accessible COAs and maintaining a legitimate website) help build trust between consumers and manufacturers. When companies engage in deceptive marketing tactics it undermines consumer confidence in the industry as a whole.
    • Regulatory Compliance: Accurate labeling and transparency are necessary to meet regulatory requirements in the cannabis and hemp industry. Deceptive marketing practices, like those employed by Pack Boys, can lead to legal consequences and damage the reputation of the industry. In addition, a falsified testing report means the product is not legal to possess, transport, or consume!

    How to Protect Yourself as a Consumer

    To ensure you are purchasing safe, accurately labeled cannabis and hemp products, follow these tips.

    • Research the Brand: Before purchasing any cannabis or hemp product, research the manufacturer to ensure they have a valid website and a strong reputation in the industry. Look for customer reviews and testimonials to gauge the overall satisfaction of other consumers.
    • Check for COAs: Always verify that the manufacturer provides easily accessible COAs for their products. These certificates should be available on their website or through a simple scan of the product packaging. If a company fails to provide COAs, it's best to avoid their products.
    • Compare Labels and Potency: Be aware of discrepancies in labeling and potency claims. If a product claims an unusually high potency or if the labeling seems confusing or contradictory, proceed with caution. It's essential to know what you're consuming to ensure you receive the desired effects and maintain your health and safety.
    • Consult with Trusted Sources: When in doubt, consult with knowledgeable friends, family, or professionals in the industry. They can help guide you in choosing reputable brands and products that align with your personal health and wellness goals.
    • Support Transparent Companies: Choose to purchase from companies that prioritize accurate labeling and transparent marketing practices. By supporting these businesses, you help promote a trustworthy and responsible cannabis and hemp industry.

    At Ethereal Gold Dispensary, we are committed to providing our customers with the most accurate and transparent information available. We encourage you to remain vigilant when purchasing cannabis and hemp products, and to always prioritize your health and safety. By staying informed and supporting reputable brands, together, we can create a responsible and thriving industry for all. Again, we want to remind you that if you have a product you’re questioning, Ethereal Gold Dispensary will take a look at it for free and give our honest opinion — if it’s good, we’ll tell you even if we don’t sell it ourselves.


    What are the potential risks of consuming Pack Boys Hemp gummies with inaccurate potency labeling?

    The inaccurate potency labeling of Pack Boys gummies presents several risks to consumers. First, individuals may consume a higher dose of CBD and a lower dose of THC than intended, which can significantly alter the desired effects. This may lead to undesired side effects or an ineffective experience. Additionally, without easy access to COAs, it's impossible for consumers to verify the safety and quality of these products, which can pose health risks. Not only that, but Pack Boys Hemp has been verified to falsify their testing, so there’s no way of knowing what is in their gummies.

    How can I find trustworthy brands and products in the cannabis and hemp industry?

    To find trustworthy brands and products, start by researching the manufacturer. Look for a valid website, accessible COAs, and positive customer reviews. Also, consult with knowledgeable friends, family, or professionals in the industry for recommendations. By supporting transparent companies that prioritize accurate labeling and responsible marketing practices, you can help create a more reliable and trustworthy industry.

    How do I report a company or product that I suspect has inaccurate labeling or engages in deceptive marketing practices?

    If you suspect a company or product is engaging in deceptive marketing practices or has inaccurate labeling, you can report your concerns to your local consumer protection agency or the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). You can also share your concerns with other consumers by posting reviews or discussing the issue on social media platforms. By raising awareness, you can help protect others from potential harm and contribute to a more transparent cannabis and hemp industry.