Valentines Day Specials: 15% Off Candies, Chocolates, Baked Goods & Bundles

Valentines Day Specials: 15% Off Candies, Chocolates, Baked Goods & Bundles

We hope you are able to spend this Valentine's Day with someone special this year, whether it be your sweetheart, your cherished family members, or your friends.

When it comes to having a happy Valentine's Day in any situation the Handlers at Ethereal Gold Dispensary have curated the finest cannabis products on the market that meet the Ethereal Gold Standard (the highest standard of product purity and safety testing.)

We are excited to not only bring you a flash sale on a new product — Hometown Hero Delta-9 + CBD Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Squares, a mouthwatering new Delta-9 edible that comes in 4 50mg Delta-9 + 25mg CBD Squares in a beautifully packaged black box with a valentines themed red interior — but also Valentine's specials! (These are marked as 15% off for the next 48 hours, which STACKS with the code VDAYLOVE for an extra 15% off!)

Valentines Day Specials at Ethereal Gold Dispensary

At Ethereal Gold Dispensary we love nothing more than to bring you the best quality products that are both effective and safe. To say Happy Valentine's Day  all Chocolates, Candies and Baked Goods (regardless of cannabinoid) are 15% off. Just use the special code VDAYLOVE before 2/10/22

Some of the most popular items that will receive a discount from this code include: the new Hometown Hero Sour Belts in all three flavors and Wunderkind Blueberry Cheesecake Chocolate, a newer item that has been a huge hit with all of you so far! We also have a wide variety of Delta-9 taffy and Delta-9 caramels and multiple cannabinoids of Baked Goods that will be part of this Valentines Sale!

In addition to these discounted items for the season of love we also have some new Valentine's bundles available which are great for gifts or enjoying with the ones you love!


Valentines Bundles at Ethereal Gold Dispensary

We will be offering 4 product bundles to say Happy Valentines Day to you or your loved ones this year!

Enjoy the discounted pricing of these Valentine's bundles while getting the perfect gift for those you care about most!