URGENT: Hemp Market Under Threat

URGENT: Hemp Market Under Threat (H.R. 8467)

Mary Miller (R-IL) Proposes Amendment to H.R. 8467 Impacting the Hemp Industry

The hemp industry faces a critical threat as Representative Mary Miller (R-IL) has proposed an amendment to H.R. 8467, the House proposal for the 2024 Farm Bill. This amendment aims to redefine hemp and hemp-derived products, causing significant disruptions in a well-established market.

Redefinition of Hemp to Include Total THC

The proposed amendment changes the definition of hemp to include less than 0.3% total THC by dry weight. (This change would likely not affect Ethereal Gold Dispensary, as we already use total THC when determining product legality due to the 2021 amendment to the 2018 Farm Bill.) This means both Delta-9 THC and THCa would be counted toward this total. At Ethereal Gold Dispensary, we have previously highlighted that this change was likely coming due to legal issues surrounding THCa products and law enforcement. The inclusion of both cannabinoids under the total THC limit would severely impact the availability and legality of many hemp products currently on the market.

Ban on Synthetic or Manufactured Cannabinoids

In addition to redefining hemp, the amendment also seeks to ban any cannabinoids or products synthesized or manufactured outside the plant. This wording is vague and problematic, as most hemp-derived products utilize naturally occurring extracts, rosins, and resins. The broad language could be interpreted to ban many popular and beneficial products — even those derived from hemp.

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Impact on Quantifiable Amounts of THC and THCa

Perhaps the most concerning aspect of the amendment is the prohibition of "quantifiable amounts (as determined by the secretary) of THC and THCa or any other cannabinoids that have similar effects (or are marketed to have similar effects) on humans or animals as THC (as determined by the secretary)." This clause could decimate the entire hemp industry, as almost all hemp products contain quantifiable amounts of THC or THCa. This would restrict the market to products with all forms of THC completely removed, effectively banning almost all existing hemp products.

Take Action Now

We urge everyone who cares about the cannabis plant, whether hemp-derived or medical/recreational, to oppose this blatant prohibition. Contact your representative today using the form at this link: Urgent Hemp-Killing Amendment. Your voice is crucial in protecting the future of the hemp industry.


What is the proposed amendment to H.R. 8467?

The amendment proposes changes to the definition of hemp and hemp-derived products, including a stricter total THC limit and a ban on synthesized cannabinoids.

How would the definition of hemp change?

Hemp would be redefined to include less than 0.3% total THC by dry weight, encompassing both Delta-9 THC and THCa.

What products could be banned under this amendment?

The amendment could ban any products with synthesized or manufactured cannabinoids, as well as those with quantifiable amounts of THC or THCa.

Why is this amendment a threat to the hemp industry?

The amendment's broad language and strict THC limits could lead to the prohibition of many existing hemp products, severely impacting the industry.

How can I take action against this amendment?

You can contact your representative through the form provided at the link on our site: Urgent Hemp-Killing Amendment.