UPDATE: Mary Miller Hemp Killing Amendment Added to H.R. 8467

UPDATE: Mary Miller Hemp Killing Amendment Added to H.R. 8467

It is a sad day for hemp enthusiasts and businesses across the country. Yesterday, the House Committee on Agriculture voted in favor of the amendment written by Representative Mary Miller (R-IL), by a vote of yays to nays. This amendment, along with a large stack of additional amendments, were all added to the 2024 proposal simultaneously — no individual vote was taken on the hemp amendment and on the floor it did voice more objections that approvals when representatives directly spoke on it.

So, What Next?

The addition of this amendment is deeply concerning, but it is far from the end for federally legal hemp companies. It's important to note that many members of Representative Miller's own party were in objection to her amendment. We were pleased to see Wisconsin's own Derrick Van Orden voice his objection. He emphasized the need for regulation of the industry rather than its decimation, a sentiment we strongly agree with. At Ethereal Gold Dispensary, we are committed to rigorous testing standards to ensure quality and safety in the hemp market. This level of quality is urgently needed to prevent future amendments that threaten to dismantle the entire market.

Derrick Van Orden

The Truth Behind this Amendment

We want to remind all consumers and hemp industry companies that this is far from the end. This amendment was merely added to the House's update to the potential 2024 Farm Bill. The bill is just beginning its journey and has not yet been brought before the House, let alone the Senate. In its current state, the bill faces significant obstacles, including the drastic $30 billion cuts to SNAP — which many believe will prevent its passage when it reaches the house floor for a vote (which is estimated to possibly take place in September).  

The fight for the future of the hemp industry is ongoing, and we must remain vigilant and proactive in advocating for sensible regulations that protect both businesses and consumers. Stay informed, stay involved, and continue to support the hemp industry as we navigate these challenges together.

What Can You Do to Help?

If you have two minutes, you can help the hemp industry by sending an email to your legislator's through the U.S. Hemp Roundtable federal action center. You only have to fill out your name and address, and the action center will to urge your member of congress to be prepared to vote against the Farm Bill unless the hemp industry-killing language is stripped out of the final draft.

We implore you to let your voice be heard here.


What is the Mary Miller amendment to H.R. 8467?

The Mary Miller amendment seeks to impose stringent regulations on the hemp industry, which many believe could severely harm or decimate it.

Why is the amendment concerning for the hemp industry?

The amendment poses a threat by potentially imposing excessive restrictions, undermining the growth and viability of federally legal hemp businesses.

What was the outcome of the vote on the amendment?

The House Committee on Agriculture voted in favor of the amendment. However, the bill is still in the early stages of the legislative process.

How have industry leaders and politicians reacted to the amendment?

Many politicians, including Derrick Van Orden, oppose the amendment, advocating instead for sensible regulation to ensure industry quality without destruction.

What can consumers and hemp companies do in response to this amendment?

Consumers and hemp companies should stay informed, support advocacy efforts for reasonable regulation, and remain engaged in the legislative process to protect the industry.