The Best 21 Things to do While High

The Best 21 Things to do While High

You’ve had a bit of cannabis, and you realize you don’t have a plan for what to do now. There’s so many options! Everything's better when you’re high after all. This article is your guide on the best fun things to do while high!

Before we start rattling off activities though…how high are you? Depending on how much you’ve had, you may not want to be super active right now. Make sure to keep that in mind while you’re reviewing your options.


What To Do When You’re High (Solo Style)

1. Take a Nap

Did you know that cannabis can be a godsend when it comes to sleep and staying asleep? You can drift off into blissful relaxation and catch up on some much-needed rest. There are even cannabis products that are specifically formulated to help you fall asleep! Best of all, you don’t even need to be high to take advantage of these sleep benefits. Some of the best cannabis sleep products are THC free.

2. Meditate

Meditation is proven to be good for you. But if you’ve ever tried to meditate before, you may have noticed a problem trying to clear your thoughts. A cannabis high can help you relax and let you thoughts drift along as you contemplate life. You may even find that you have an easier time meditating when high, because cannabis can change how you perceive time! 

3. Read a book

If you enjoy reading, you may find this one very rewarding. Reading while high can make a novel come to life as you visualize things more clearly. A cannabis high can even help you delve more deeply into the meaning of your favorite book. However, you may also find that thick sections of description drag on when high. It all depends on how you read and what you are reading!

4. Listen to music

Find the comfiest chair or couch you have, put on your vintage record player (or quality headphones / sound system), and pick out some music that has meaning to you and fills you with emotion. Many people believe that there is a greater experience when listening to music when high. It likely has something to do with the high drawing relations between ideas and the emotion and patterns of music! Plus, if you find the music relaxing enough, you can also lead directly into activity #1 which was taking an amazing nap!

5. Watch a movie

Watching a movie with friends (or by yourself) can be much more enjoyable with the power of cannabis. That 80s bad action movie is now a work of art. The sci-fi movie from the 60s where you’re pretty certain you could make the props? A masterpiece. Your high can give you a new perspective on your favorite movie, too. There are a ton of choices to watch though, so be certain to try to pick out a movie ahead of time! (Otherwise, you’ll be spending the next hour trying to pick “just the right one”.)

6. Go running

You’ve heard of runner’s high, right? It’s described as a feeling of euphoria that embraces your mind after a hard session in the gym or after a long jog. And you know what? While we’re certain that whoever coined that term did not mean cannabis and exercise but…what if? Getting high releases the same chemicals in your brain as those responsible for the immense feelings you experience post workout. Even more interesting, a study conducted by the University of Hamburg found that there which a rise in beta-endorphins and anandamide when mice ran while high. So take your runner’s high even higher!

7. Get a massage

This is absolutely one of the best things to do while high. You have increased perception of the relaxation and pleasure that a massage gives. Not only that, but if you’re one of the many people who cannabis makes frisky, this may lead to a very enjoyable “something more”. Remember though, if you’re getting a massage from a massage therapist, they are not interested in your advances, and you’re better off doing this with a partner if that’s your intent. Make sure you also use an amazing cannabis massage oil if you're at home!

8. Play with a pet

If you’re a pet lover, you know that playing with your pet is fun even when you’re not high. But if you’re looking for things to do high, it’s even better playing with your pet when you are! Play frisbee with your dog, give your furry friend a snuggle, enjoy your high with your cat on catnip. The possibilities are endless. Have a pet with anxiety or joint pain? While it won’t get them high (and that’s important because THC is toxic to pets), you can help them with THC free CBD for pets!

9. Clean

Cleaning while you're sober is not the most fun. But did you know that cleaning can be incredibly stress relieving? This is even more true while you’re high! Not only is the process of cleaning fantastic, but when you sober up, your clean house/apartment will have you feeling amazing!


Things to Do When High (With Others)

1. Play video games

Have you ever played video games while high? It’s a match made in heaven and a ton of fun to boot. Not only can you do this activity by yourself, but it’s even more fun with friends! Relax on the couch, boot up your favorite game, and enjoy! 

Do keep in mind that your reaction time may be slowed, so League of Legends or Call of Duty are probably not your best bets. But adventure and exploration games, that’s where it’s at. For exploration, if you enjoy sci-fi, we recommend No Man’s Sky. There’s even an entire sub Reddit dedicated to the beauty of the game while high. Check out No Man’s High to see some other’s experiences and talk about yours! 

2. Have sex

Speaking of things to do while high, have you tried sex? THC increases the blood flow to your naughty bits and can bring pleasure to a whole new level. Not only that, but many people report feeling a deeper connection to their partner while high. We can’t promise this, but you’ll probably find making love while high is some of the best sex of your life.

3. Tabletop Roleplaying

Here’s a fun fact for you. Did you know that one of the Ethereal Gold Dispensary team members is related to the man who made Gary Gygax’s wedding ring? It’s so famous that you can even see it in the episode of the Simpsons that portrayed Gygax. 

Speaking of Gary Gygax, he’s the man who invented Dungeons and Dragons (D&D). Many a roleplaying group has found that playing while having a bit of a high makes the game even more enjoyable as you become more imaginative. This advice isn’t limited to D&D either. Try your favorite edible or vape while playing Mörk Borg, Call of Cthulhu, Pathfinder, or 7th Sea!

4. Play mini golf

Wondering what to do when high? You may have heard the classic; that smoking cannabis and playing Ultimate Frisbee and Disc Golf go together. But do you know what else goes together with your high? Mini golf. Not only is mini golf a ton of fun, but you’ll love putting around the green with your friends. Don’t like mini golf? No problem. Speaking of high things, flying a kite is also incredibly enjoyable while buzzed! Can’t make it to the actual mini golf course? Try VR mini golf like Walkabout Golf for the Oculus Quest by Mighty Coconut.

5. Break out the board games

Breaking out the board games when high can be an incredibly enjoyable and social experience. If you’re going to try a new board game, we recommend reading the rules before you get lit. You’ll find that the games become even more enjoyable, that you don’t care as much when it’s not your turn, and that your friend who always wins at Catan is now bearable. Bonus points for playing a euro-worker placement game and remembering all of the rules!

6. Visit an exhibit or art gallery

Wondering what to do while high? A lot of people know that art is a new experience while high. This is because your brain changes perception when high! You can find the meaning in works of art that you were unable to see before. Maybe there is some meaning behind that abstract art after all?

7. Dance

It’s time to put on your favorite music and dance! Who knows, you might come up with some wild new dance moves you’ve never dreamed of before. Not only is this fun with a group of people, but if you’re in a couple going for a slow dance you may find this incredibly sensual.

8. Go to a botanical garden

Go to the nearest botanical garden and surround yourself with the beauty of nature. You’ll love your new thoughts of nature’s most vibrant flowers, gorgeous plants, bees, butterflies, and much more! If you don’t have a botanical garden nearby, try checking out nature preserves, state parks, or even your own garden!

9. Lay under the stars

Have you ever laid down under the stars? It’s an incredible experience and view. You have to slow down, look up, and admire how big the vast world is around us. The best way to lay under the stars is to lay out a blanket, put on some relaxing music (or enjoy the sounds of nature), and just…watch. It took millions of occurrences for you to exist as you are today. But laying under those stars, you know you’re part of something bigger. This is one of the most peaceful things to do while high.

Creative Things to Do When You’re High

1. Make art

Do you love to draw? Have a hand for painting? Digital art your thing? No matter what your talent is, you’ll find that when you’re creative and high it’s mind opening. This experience will allow you to reflect, think, and have a lot of fun too!

Not artistically inclined? No worries! Adult coloring books existing. They’ve become increasing popular in recent years. Don’t have one on hand? They also make digital coloring book apps that are free for Android and iOS!

2. Write

If you have writer’s block, cannabis can help with that! Trust us. One of our Handlers works as a freelance fantasy writer, and when he can’t think of where to go next a high helps! When you’re lit, you can easily look over whatever you’ve written already with a new perspective. In addition, cannabis helps you brainstorm and take your work in new directions.

3. Make music

We know that music is enjoyable to listen to while high. But did you know that music can also be incredibly fun to create while high? Watch as your mind makes new musical connections that you hadn’t thought of before!

How to Get the Best High

Now that you have some ideas of fun things to do while high, we’re sure you’re wondering how to get the best high. After all, a pleasant high means a pleasant time. A bad high means a bad time. 

To get the best high, we recommend using only Ethereal Gold Dispensary’s products. They are the safest, most effective, and highest-quality cannabis products in the nation (with testing standards that exceed state and federal law). Every product at Ethereal Gold Dispensary has a full panel Certificates of Analysis. Not only do these tests ensure the correct amount of cannabinoids in our infused edibles, but they also confirm the absence of any dangerous solvents, contaminants, and much more. These products are also federally legal and legal in all 50 states!

Besides safe products, you can enjoy knowing your high is also helping others! We are the first dispensary in Wisconsin to be taking an active stance. Every quarter, 5% of our profits are donated to communities disadvantaged by law enforcement and previous legislation. 

When you shop at Ethereal Gold Dispensary, you are guaranteed safe and high-quality products which will give you the best high. Shop our range of cannabinoids or contact one of our Handlers via our chat bubble for more information.