Soft Launch Update / New Products Added! (4/8/2022)

Soft Launch Update / New Products Added! (4/8/2022)

Thank you for your welcoming response to Ethereal Gold Dispensary's soft launch! We've received great feedback from you all so far! Remember, if you ever have any questions, feedback, need help, or anything else, just click on the chat bubble in the bottom right of your screen. Don't forget, you currently receive 20% off of every order with code SOFTLAUNCH20. Not only that, but you'll also receive double rewards points!

If you don't know, you typically receive 10 rewards points for every $1.00 spent. 1000 rewards points is worth $5 of in-store credit, and you can spend these points at check out to discount your order (or get it for free if you have enough)! Rewards points also help elevate you through your the ranks as an Agent. These ranks give numerous benefits including point multipliers, Learn more about rewards here.

Soft Launch Changes

From your feedback/Our Roadmap we've currently added the following changes to Ethereal Gold Dispensary:

  • Changed our featured product on the home page to be a little easier on the eyes (no more blaring white background!)
  • Added the ability to filter by manufacturer in the shop
  • Added Our Story
  • Added Why Trust Us (We highly recommend giving this one a read. We've discovered quite a few products that we wouldn't be willing to put into our bodies due to insufficient testing. And if you also knew, you wouldn't want to either. We ensure that all of our products are tested, tested, and tested again and are actually safe and beneficially.)
  • Added the ability to give an additional donation to help communities impacted by the "war on drugs"
  • Added our Reward Program
  • Added additional benefits in our Affiliate Program
  • Fixed various bugs (Thank you for reporting these!)

Products Back In Stock

These products are back in stock and will ship the same or next day when ordered (unless it's a Sunday). As a note, we generally do not ship our edible chocolate products on Saturdays as well to ensure that they do not melt. They are packaged with insulation and cooling packs, but we want to make sure you don't get a delicious blobby mess.

New Special Order Products

We have also added new Special Order products to our store! These are products that are not currently in stock, however, they may still be ordered. They arrive generally within a week, and to thank you for your patience these products have been marked an additional 10% off. Special Order products help us gauge your interest in new items we have added to our catalogue (or have been sold out and we're awaiting our restock).

Thank You Again

Thank you again for all of your feedback and support. Remember, if you ever have any questions, want to see a line of products, or anything else just give us a chat. As a reminder, you can follow us on social media as well for some great updates and discounts as well!

For more information, blogs, and cannabis news make sure to head over to the Ethereal Gold Dispensary Blogs section!