Shh...Unveiling the March Trusted Agent Offer

Shh...Unveiling the March Trusted Agent Offer

Psst...we've got a secret to share, an exclusive free product — because you're in the know. Are you a Trusted Agent? Then this is for you.

Becoming a Trusted Agent is easier than making instant noodles. All it takes is a lifetime spend of just $100. That's right, a mere Benjamin can grant you access to a world of covert advantages and tantalizing experiences. We value your loyalty, and this is our way of giving back.

Once you've gained the coveted status of Trusted Agent, prepare yourself for the thrill of receiving a monthly free bonus product or offer. It's like being handed the key to a treasure trove of novelties.

This month's Trusted Agent Offer is the extremely popular TRE House Magic Mushroom Chocolate bar! This psychedelic (and delicious) treat gives you the enlightening (and trippy) experience you crave. Take 3 squares as a microdose, or eat 9 squares to enlighten your world!

TRE House Chocolates


Dive into the extraordinary world of the TRE House Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar. Expertly crafted for those who appreciate fine edibles and unforgettable experiences, these bars offer more than just an indulgent treat - they're your passport to a magical journey of sensory delights.

Select from our four enticing flavors - Cookies & Cream, Churro Milk, Chocolate Milk, and Fruity Cereal - each offering a unique tasting experience. Each bar is precisely infused with 15 squares of our mind-melting chocolate, delivering a harmonious blend of rich sweetness and the enchanting essence of magic mushrooms.

Whether you're seeking a slight buzz or a truly elevating experience, our Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar provides customizable intensity. Consume just one square for a gentle, intriguing buzz. Take four squares for an elevated state of consciousness. For the true explorers, seven or more squares offer an intense, mystical journey like no other.

As a reminder, to unlock the secrets and claim your complimentary TRE House Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar, simply spend $100 or more over your lifetime. Once you've crossed that threshold, consider yourself part of our inner circle.

Are you already a member of our trusted inner circle? Just add the item to your cart and select your code:

Spend $125, get a Free TRE House Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar: Use one of the codes below:

  • Fruity Cereal Flavor: TRUSTEDMFRUIT
  • Chocolate Milk Flavor: TRUSTEDMCHOCOLATE
  • Cookies & Cream Flavor: TRUSTEDMCOOKIE
  • Churro Milk Flavor: TRUSTEDMCHURRO

Please note: You will need to add the item to your cart BEFORE you apply this coupon. One flavor may be chosen per order.  Best of all, this code like all Trusted Agent codes CAN be used with other offers! Heads up, you will need to log into the account that this email is going to in order to use the code. We hope you continue to have success in your missions, Agent!

Do you have a subscription that fits this Trusted Agent offer? Send us a message via the chat bubble with which you would like, and we'll get you your offer with your next subscription renewal!