Legal Cannabis & Mushrooms Accessible 24/7 Now in Waukesha!

Legal Cannabis & Mushrooms Accessible 24/7 Now in Waukesha!

It's time. You've been asking for it. Our legal cannabis and mushroom products accessible even when our full dispensary is not open. Now is the time! Ethereal Gold Dispensary has introduced a state-of-the-art Self-Service Kiosk at their location in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Here's a first look at this game-changing venture!

Effortless, Fast, and Trustworthy Cannabis Transactions

The retail realm is in constant evolution, and those who thrive are always a step ahead. Ethereal Gold Dispensary’s latest creation, the Self-Service Cannabis Kiosk, epitomizes this forward-thinking spirit. Not only is it designed for rapid transactions and user simplicity, but it also integrates an intricate age-verification mechanism — ensuring safe and compliant purchases. With the introduction of our kiosk at the our dispensary, Waukesha stands as a beacon of modern, responsible cannabis retail.

A Dedication to Excellence: Rigorously Tested Cannabis Selections

Ethereal Gold Dispensary prides itself on its unwavering commitment to quality. Every item, be it our sought-after THC gummies or our diverse array of disposable vapes, has faced thorough full-panel scrutiny. Such procedures affirm that when you opt for our offerings, you’re choosing top-tier, safe, and pure cannabis delights.

These full panel lab tests or Certificate of Analysis (COA for short) are our way of guaranteeing our customers that every batch of end product they consume has been thoroughly tested in a DEA certified lab for any contaminants, solvents, heavy metals or other harmful contaminants. These tests also show that the product is the proper advertised potency which is rare in the cannabis industry in Wisconsin currently. 

A Collection Crafted for the Astute Cannabis Admirer

Engaging with our Self-Service Cannabis Kiosk isn’t just about shopping — it’s an expedition through a handpicked assortment of premier cannabis treasures. Whether you've been a THC enthusiast for years or are venturing into the world of disposable vapes, our collection resonates with a broad spectrum of preferences and needs.

We carry on the benefits of cannabis education with our blog that is updated weekly with new information on all the going-ons in the cannabis realm, as well as any important cannabis legality you could possibly be questioning!

Disposable Vape

December 2023: A Monumental Juncture for Waukesha’s Cannabis Aficionados

Waukesha's vibrant cannabis community, take note! The debut of our kiosk this is an industry milestone. Beyond just being a product introduction, it signifies a merge of technological finesse with a deep-rooted commitment to elevating the consumer experience. We heartily invite Waukesha's residents and guests to partake in this transformative moment in cannabis commerce.

Experience the Vanguard of Cannabis Retail at Ethereal Gold Dispensary

Ethereal Gold Dispensary's Self-Service Cannabis Kiosk isn't merely a novel retail point — it's a vision realized. Signifying a blend of state-of-the-art technology, innovation, and a peerless shopping experience, it’s an invitation to witness retail evolution firsthand.

When you find yourself in need of our products, no matter the hour or day of the week, we're here for you. Just make a quick stop to Ethereal Gold Dispensary and embrace the future of cannabis retail.

Best of all, just like all of our other sales, 2% of every single transaction on the kiosk is donated to charities that help communities that have been affected by the "War on Drugs".