How Long Do Edibles Last?

How Long Do Edibles Last?

Edibles (typically used to refer to edibles infused with THC) are a great alternative to smoking cannabis. They come in many flavors and textures which can make them more fun as well. If you’re going to try edibles for the first time, you may have already heard that they last longer and the effects can be more intense than traditional smoking. Then there’s the big question: How long do edibles last? That question is not easily answered, as it can be affected by a multitude of factors. First, let’s understand what exactly an edible is.

What Are Edibles

When you hear edible, a lot of people immediately think of “pot brownies”, and then start to wonder how long do edible highs last. After all, that’s what seems to be most common in the media. Edibles come in much more than baked goods, however! There’s gummies, baked treats, chocolates, energy shots, pop crystals, candies, and much more. Edible effects can also vary wildly depending on strain the cannabis is from (is it a strain with Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid effects), the specific terpenes of the strain, the milligram dosage of the cannabis, and the specific cannabinoid (things like Delta-8 THC, Delta-9 THC, etc) that’s in the edible.

In general, know that if you’re looking for a high you’d want one of the following cannabinoids:

  • HHC - Produces effects similar to Delta-8 or Delta-9, including feelings of euphoria. May not show up in drug testing. 
  • Delta-8 THC - Used for euphoric feelings, assisting calming nausea, assisting with pain relief, and boosting mental health.
  • Delta-9 THC - Used for no matter what you call it — high, euphoric, buzzed, feeling good. Our Delta-9 products are federally legal as well!
  • Delta-10 THC - Delta-10 is a euphoric cannabinoid and reported to have little to no head buzz. Can have an uplifting and energizing effect.
  • THC-O - Roughly 2-3 times more powerful than Delta-9 THC. May cause an incredibly euphoric high with hallucinogenic effects, depending on the user.
  • THC-P - A naturally occurring cannabinoid very similar to Delta-9 THC. However, THC-P’s molecular structure is significantly different than Delta-9’s. There are seven carbon atoms vs. the five in Delta-9. This allows THC-P to bind more readily with human CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors, which means its effects are likely to be more potent in the brain and body.

If you’re looking for beneficial effects without a high, you’d want one of the following cannabinoids:

  • CBD: Used to support stress resilience, wellbeing & balance, calm and ease discomfort and inflammation after exercise.
  • THCV - Used to potentially increase energy levels and may suppress appetite. Being studied for additional benefits as well.
  • CBN - A rare cannabinoid called cannabinol which is used to assist with relaxation and restful sleep (including falling back asleep).
  • CBC - Used to enhance mood & sociability by raising levels of anandamide, which promotes feelings of contentment and bliss.
  • CBG - Used to relieve discomfort, soreness, and inflammation after exercise, while promoting a sense of calm and balance.
  • CBDA - Used to prevent or reduce occasional nausea, relieve inflammation after exercise, and stimulate appetite.
  • CBDV - Used to offer relief from discomfort and inflammation after exercise and occasional nausea. Studies show it may increase social function, and memory retention.

How Long Do Edibles Take to Start Working?

Before fully understanding the answer to the question “how long do edibles last”, you’ll need to understand how long it takes for edibles to start working. This question isn’t as straightforward as saying that edibles take 30 minutes to have you start feeling their effects. There are a multitude of factors that can determine how long it takes for an edible to kick in -- and they’re (mostly) related to your individual body!

In the most general terms, you will start to feel the effects on an edible between 30 minutes and two hours. A pretty broad range, to be sure. Not only does the edible type affect the time, but its also affected by your age, sex, metabolism, and food you’ve eaten. 

Looking for the tastiness of an edible, but also want the fastest effects? One study suggests that hard candies (like suckers, mints, jawbreakers, etc) can begin their effect curve within 15 to 45 minutes.

If you’re used to smoking or vaping THC-rich cannabis products, you’ll likely have noticed already that edibles are slow in comparison to start affecting you. It’s because the cannabinoids in an edible (such as Delta-9 THC) have to go through your digestive system before they reach your bloodstream (rather than the lungs). You will feel the effects faster if you have a high metabolism or have eaten on an empty stomach (as your body will not be trying to digest a full meal at once).

When eating an edible, it’s important that even if you don’t feel anything after an hour that you do not take another wait until 3 hours have passed. This is ESPECIALLY true if you’re new and wondering “How long does an edible last for the first time?” Otherwise, you may end up stacking the effects of all of the edibles you’ve taken as your body continues to digest them. This leads to a bad time. (If for some reason you do have too much, make sure you’re somewhere comfortable. Try chewing on some black peppercorns. Take a nap. You’ll feel better, but a bit groggy, when you wake up.) Heck, even if you’re with someone and they’re lit, but you’re sitting there feeling nothing, you need to remember: everyone’s body is different!

Do Edibles Expire?

Yes. Edibles do expire and it’s important to know what their expiration date is. This is not only because the food ingredients that make up the edible begin to degrade, but also because the cannabinoids themselves can degrade as well. When a cannabinoid degrades it changes the chemical structure, and can even turn it into another cannabinoid! For example, when CBD degrades it turns into CBN; so instead of benefitting your general well-being, it will instead help you fall and stay asleep! 

Every product should have an expiration date on the packaging. Not all brands do this, however. If they don’t list it on the package, you may have to scan a QR code which will take you to information on the batch. If the expiration isn’t listed even there, you can use the general rule of thumb that the product is good 12 months after its batch date (but only on its cannabinoid ingredients. Depending on what other ingredients it’s made up of outside the cannabinoids, it may expire much sooner.) We advise never purchasing products that do not have their expiration date on them or on their QR code scan for your own safety.

Make Sure Your Edibles Are Also Safe

Now that you understand how long edibles last, you also need to make sure that the edibles you’re about to consume are safe. We are the industry leader in ensuring all of the products we sell are safe and effective. Not only do our testing standards exceed both state and federal laws, but we’re also the first dispensary in the United States that requires ALL our products to have full panel testing. These tests ensure you’re not getting anything you don’t want in your edible, like: solvents, mycotoxins, microbials, mold, and much more.

You should never purchase from “some guy” (or even certain stores). All of our products are federally legal and ship to all 50 states (as state law allows). Safe cannabinoids like Delta-9 THC are available to be shipped to you now.

We’re also trying to make the world safer and better. Every quarter 5% of our profits are donated to communities disadvantaged by law enforcement and previous legislation. When you shop edibles from Ethereal Gold Dispensary, you’re guaranteed safe and high-quality products. Our Handlers are available to answer any questions you may have via our chat bubble. Otherwise, find the federally legal edibles you want in our shop!



How Long Do Gummies Last?

Gummies, in general, tend to last over a year from their production date. Some may even last up to two years depending on the ingredients used and the batch date of the cannabinoid distillate. This is true even if you’re wondering how long does THC gummies last vs. how long do non-THC gummies last.

How Long do THC Gummies Last?

There is generally not a time difference between your bodies absorption of THC gummies and non-THC gummies. While that can be said, you will also note that the “feeling curve” is very different of THC gummies and non-THC gummies like CBD or CBC. The non-THC gummies you won’t feel any psychoactive effectives, which may make it seem like the gummies are not working. However, if you’ve been taking something like CBC 3 times a day for a week and suddenly cut yourself off -- you will for sure notice.

Remember, if you’re asking yourself how long do gummy edibles last (or any edibles for that matter), you should be checking the expiration date. Better safe than sorry.

How Long Does “Edible High” Last?

We addressed this in the blog above. But just in case you’ve had a bit too much and you’re panicking. Don’t worry. Edible highs generally last 2 to 6 hours depending on how much you had. If you’ve had too much, we recommend chewing on some black peppercorns, finding somewhere safe to relax, watching some TV, and then if things are still bothering you take a nap. Don’t worry. You’ll feel better when you wake up. We promise.

A great rule of thumb when wondering how long does an edible high last, is that you should plan to relax the rest of the day you’ve taken the edible. That way, no matter what happens, you’ll still feel good about the time spent!