How Long Do THC Carts Last?

How Long Do THC Carts Last?

If you’re looking to purchase a THC cart (short for THC cartridge), one of your many questions is probably “how long do carts last”? After all, if you know the answer to that,  you’ll know how many you need for your enjoyment for the month! The answer is not as simple as just stating a time, though. There are a multitude of factors that affect how long THC cartridges last including, but not limited to: the weight, the brand, the specific device used for the cart, and much more.

What is a THC Cart?

A THC cart is a small screw on container to use with a vape device or pen. The majority of THC carts are 510 thread, and that is the most common thread count. (If your device has a different thread count, which is the spacing of the threads of the screwable piece, you will not be able to use 510 thread count THC carts for example.) 

THC carts are typically used to refer to carts that will give a high or cause psychoactive feelings. Due to Delta-9 THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) being limited to .3% by dry weight you will not find a Delta-9 THC cart that is federally legal and able to legally be shipped across state lines. Instead, you can get very similar effects from federally legal cannabinoids! Some of these are Delta-8 (produces less of a head buzz), THC-O (2-3 times stronger of a buzz than Delta-9), THC-P (8-30 times stronger of a buzz than Delta-9), and HHC (weaker than Delta-9, but may not show up in drug testing).

The cannabinoids are suspended in an oil, which is then heated up by the heating element (also sometimes called an atomizer or cartomizer) of a vape pen. The vapor (filled with the cannabinoids you want) is then inhaled by you!

THC vape cartridges in a vape pen

How Long Do Carts Last?

So exactly how long does a THC cart last? To understand how long a cart will last, you first need to know the cart size. Most carts are generally 1 gram carts(1g) or 2 grams carts (2g). After that, you’ll need to know the voltage of the battery of your vape pen; the more volts, the more potent of a puff you’ll receive. (But the faster your vape cart will be used.) It also depends how often you’re using your vape pen to puff on the cart. The more you use it, the more quickly it will run out.

To state how long a cart is, many manufacturers will use the term “X # of puffs”. However, you should note that this is a very broad (and frankly not useful) term. As we said before, how long a THC cart lasts will vary based on the voltage of your vape pen. (The term IS useful for disposables however. These are devices that users can throw away once they’ve been used, but serve a similar function as THC carts with a vape pen. However, since they come as one package the manufacturer can control the voltage of the device.) So if you ask yourself specifically how many puffs in a Delta-8 cartridge, the answer is basically “it depends on the specific vape pen you’re using”.

That said, you can use these very broad rules for how long a THC cartridge will last:

  • A few days to a week if:
    • You use your vape regularly throughout the day
    • Share your vape pen with your friends
    • Have a less potent THC cart loaded into your vape pen
    • Have a high tolerance and have to take more puffs
  • A few weeks up to a month if:
    • You only use the THC cart occasionally
    • You don’t share your vape with your friends
    • You have a lower voltage vape pen and a low tolerance
    • You have a high potency cannabinoid like THC-O or THC-P

Now, after that you might be asking more specifically how long do Delta-8 carts last or how many puffs are in a Delta-9 cart. You don’t need to ask specifically per cannabinoid as that does not affect how long the cartridges last.

What are the Different Types of Vape Cartridges?

There are a few types of vape carts that can be purchased. Each type will last you a different amount of time and have a different quality of puff as well.

Plastic Vape Carts - These are the most affordable vape carts (for the manufacturer). These are the budget option. They are the lowest quality vape cartridge and are prone to leaking. You’ll get fewer puffs out of a plastic vape cart than you will out of ceramic or glass.

Glass Vape Carts - Glass vape cartridges are one of the best options out there. They use the same technology as plastic vape carts, but offer a much higher quality. They have far fewer leaks (if any) compared to plastic vape carts, which means they’ll last you longer! 

Ceramic Vape Carts - Ceramic vape cartridges are the most durable carts on the market. However, you should be certain you only buy high-end ceramic vapes. Cheaply made ceramic vapes can introduce dangerous chemicals into your body. However, even high end ceramic carts can be dangerous if they become damaged as they’ll introduce silica dust into your lungs.

If you’re wondering how long does a dab cart last, you will note that we did not include that information above. Dab pens are very different from vape carts and pens as they require you to put your wax, rosin, etc directly into the pen. How long they last will vary entirely on your pen and what you’re putting into it. Do note that some people will improperly refer to all vaping cartridges as dab cartridge. Remember, a dab pen uses the waxy THC substance to produce what you inhale. There’s no need to wonder how long do dab carts last as vape cartridges are not dab carts.

Just like you may be a bit confused hearing someone talk about dab carts (even asking how long does a dab pen cart last), you may also be confused if you hear them reference disposable vape carts. Don’t bother wondering how long do disposable carts last. A disposable is an entirely different device than a vape cart and pen. Disposables are unable to be refilled, and the entire device is discarded after you are done with it. If you’re interested in learning more about disposables you can do so here. (Most users purchase disposables for convenience reasons.)However be sure to remember that a 1g cannabis or 2g cannabis vape cart typically are disposable vape cartridges not intended to be refilled. When the cannabinoid liquid has run out, you can simply throw away just the disposable cart and keep your battery device.  

Do THC Cartridges Expire?

The short answer is yes. THC carts do have an expiration date. However, they may still be safe to use past the date. You just need to be aware that cannabinoids start to degrade after a certain time, which may even affect which cannabinoid they are! For example, if CBD starts to degrade it will degrade into CBN. (This means that instead of getting the benefits of CBD you’ll get the benefits of CBN, which will make you sleepy!) In addition, if a cart is past its expiration date it will lose potency and taste.

When you’re looking for when your THC cartridge expires, any reputable manufacturer will have both the batch and expiration date on the outside of the box. If for some reason only the batch is on the outside of the box, scan the QR code to their Certificate of Analysis (COA) and look at the batch production date. If you do not see a QR code for a COA on the product box, run away. It’s not a reputable product, and there is no way for you to verify its safety. Never forget, anything you put into your body should also meet the Ethereal Gold Standard; otherwise, you may be consuming vitamin E, solvents, pesticides, heavy metals, mycotoxins, microbials, and quite a few other harmful things.

When looking at how long does a Delta-8 cart last (and other carts) before they expire, you should know they will generally last a year after their production date.

How to Keep Your Vape Cart Clean

It’s important to keep your vape vart and vape pen clean, so you can have the best experience possible. Here are a few quick tips to keep your vaping device clean!

  • Avoid placing your vape pen on the grass, sand, in dirt, or even just throwing it into your purse. It sounds obvious, but there’s a lot of dust, debris, and filth in those areas. If you are just throwing it in your purse, make certain to put the mouthpiece protector that came with your vape pen back on the mouthpiece.
  • You should get a case for your vape pen. They protect your pen from liquid, if you drop it, and much more. 
  • Never, ever store your vape cart in a location that is too hot or too cold. Too cold can cause the oil to thicken which can jam the cartridge. Too hot, and you’ll damage the vape pen’s battery.

Can You Perform the “Bubble Test” To Determine the Quality of a THC Vape Cart?

If you’re not familiar with the “bubble test”, it used to be a way to determine the quality of a vape cart. It was a common method for people to determine if their carts had been cut with harmful ingredients or additives. (And was most commonly used to determine black market vape cart purity.)

To perform the test, you would flip your vape pen with the cart in it upside down, and if the air bubble in the cartridge moved to the top too quickly, it had been cut with harmful ingredients. Simple, right? After all, high quality distillate has a thick consistency, so it will barely move. 

The “bubble test” is no longer an effective method to test the quality of a vape cart. Shady manufacturers, realizing people were performing this test, started to add thickening agents to their vape carts. These included things like honey (which clogs the pen), and vitamin E acetate (which will kill you). Instead, look for a full panel COA from a 3rd party lab to determine if the vape cartridge is safe.

Which THC Carts Last the Longest and Have the Highest Quality

Let's get real. You want THC carts (also known as THC cartridges) that last the longest and have the highest quality. When wondering how long do carts last, you also have to wonder why pay more for a product that is going to barely last you a week and may be filled with potentially lethal chemicals? Our Handlers have painstakingly reviewed over 150 manufacturers of vape cartridges. Only the safest, most potent, and longest lasting are carried by Ethereal Gold Dispensary. But before you go looking around, make sure you’re buying the correct cannabinoid you want!

  • Delta-8 THC carts: Delta-8 gives slightly less of a head buzz and anxiety feeling compared to Delta-9 THC (which is your traditional cannabis)
  • Delta-9 THC carts: Delta-9 is your traditional cannabis THC. These are not legal under federal law as they cannot meet the under .3% by dry weight requirement.
  • Delta-10 THC carts: Our Handlers have not found a single manufacturer that meets the Ethereal Gold Standard on Delta-10 cartridges. If you have a manufacturer you’d like us to check out their product, let us know by clicking the chat bubble!
  • THC-O carts: THC-O (sometimes misspelled as THC0) has about 2-3 times as strong of a buzz compared to Delta-9 THC. (The effects can vary depending on your physiology, but THC-O is excellent for another with a high tolerance.)
  • THC-P carts: THC-P is roughly 8-30 times as strong of a buzz compared to Delta-9 THC. Just like THC-O, the effect can vary depending on your physiology. THC-P is only recommended for those looking for the strongest buzz or those with very high tolerances.

Not only are you getting the longest lasting THC carts and highest quality, but you’re also supporting communities that have been affected by the “War on Drugs”. Every quarter Ethereal Gold Dispensary donates 5% of all profits to charities that help these communities! Check out everything Ethereal Gold Dispensary has in store here or give us a chat by clicking the chat bubble and ask us some questions! Don’t forget to take 15% off your order as well with the code INITIATEORDER.