Edibles vs. Smoking: Pros, Cons, and Differences Explained

Edibles vs. Smoking: Pros, Cons, and Differences Explained

Edibles vs Smoking Pros and Cons

At a base level the difference between smoking vs edibles is quite obvious — One is a delicious tasty treat and the other is a fast acting and effective inhalable (which is also quite pleasurable to the palette if I may say so myself.) 

When we get down to the science of it, what is the difference between the effects of eating yummy edibles vs vapes or other smokables? Are edibles healthier than smoking? Just what is the difference between an edible high vs smoking high? These are the questions we get frequently at Ethereal Gold Dispensary, and we have our expert team of Handlers to bring all the answers. The easiest way to deliver this info from us to you is to break out the edibles vs smoking pros and cons, and then deliver a direct comparison!

Edibles Pros

  • Delicious - Edibles come in a variety of different products from gummies to chocolate and everything else in between
  • Different Tolerance - For some edible tolerance vs smoking can be a completely different experience. High doses can hit way harder than a quick smoke!
  • Lots of experience options - Edibles are available in such a wide variety from candy to baked goods and chocolate. If you can taste it, you can eat it.

Edibles Cons

  • High Calorie - Many edibles are in the forms of delicious desserts and tasty treats, which can cause the calories to rack up quick
  • Unhealthy (Sugars) - As previously stated, lots of edibles are in the form of desserts, which leads to lots of processed sugars and use of unhealthy options like high fructose corn syrup, which means there is no clear answer to the question “are edibles better than smoking?” 
  • The Wait - I would say almost every cannabis user has a story of not thinking an edible was working and taking an extra edible or two and then realizing you have made the grave mistake of overdosing on a cannabinoid. We recommend waiting the full two hours after taking an edible before considering taking an additional dose.
  • Cost - Edibles vs smoking cost is a big factor in the current market. It is far more affordable to get a gram of THC as a smokable than a gram of THC in an edible. 
  • Product Purity - All cannabis edibles in the market have a huge problem when it comes to purity. Make sure you have an end-product full panel COA and it is from a legit producer. 

Man with cloud of vape vapor

Smoking Pros

  • Fast Acting - One of the biggest pros when considering edibles vs smoking on the smoking side is how fast you feel it — with an almost immediate feeling for some users.
  • Strain Options - When smoking there are tons of options for different strains and terpenes, where edibles you are stuck with limited options.
  • Cost - As stated above, edibles vs smoking cost is a no contest win for smoking. It's far more affordable to smoke compared to buying edibles. 
  • Different Tolerance - Some users have little to no effect from any edible based on how their body metabolizes and digests. This leaves room for an entirely new experience when it comes to smoking. 

Smoking Cons

  • Health (Lungs) - Smoking is never good for lung health and even the cleanest THC smokables will still have a negative impact on lung health.
  • No smoking laws - When it comes to smoking or vaping your cannabis, there are many locations where you are not able to enjoy your products. It's easy to take an edible discreetly no matter where you are.
  • Smell - I know many of us enjoy the smell of smoking cannabis, however that doesn’t mean the people around us do, and the smell is quite potent and noticeable.
  • Product Purity - All cannabis smokables in the market have a huge problem when it comes to purity. Make sure you have an end-product full panel COA and it is from a legit producer. 

Edibles Tolerance vs Smoking

So both edibles and smoking have different tolerances listed as a pro; what does this mean? Everyone's body is different and that means that edible tolerance vs smoking tolerance can be completely different for each user — especially when it comes to the length of the high. Edibles are well known to have a much longer lasting high (sometimes lasting too long if you don’t know your tolerance) so this isn’t really a pro or con, just a thing to make sure to be on your toes for. The best way to find out what your tolerance is for smoking vs edibles is to try a bit of both and see how you feel! 

Edibles vs Smoking: The Conclusion

Both methods of cannabis consumption have many perks and drawbacks, but down to the core of things: what really matters is what your body and brain enjoy. We can’t tell you which one you personally will enjoy the most, just a few facts and opinions to guide you on your way. Try an edible if you have the time to wait a few hours to see how your buzz is going or smoking if you want that quick satisfaction. Don’t want to worry about calorie counting a sugary treat? Smoking is probably a good bet, but if smoke bothers you then avoid at all costs and dig into a tasty gummy or chocolate square. Luckily we have many options available that can get you to the euphoric state of bliss you are craving.

Edibles vs Smoking at Ethereal Gold Dispensary

At Ethereal Gold Dispensary we cannot stress enough how important it is to have pure full panel tested products no matter if it is edibles vs smoking in your system. The Ethereal Gold Standard is our promise to you that every product we carry has a full panel COA that is legitimate and shows the product is free of any harmful contaminants, as well as meets its proper promised potency. Whether you are into edibles vs smoking, smoking vs edibles, or a little of both: we have plenty of options that are sure to please your sweet tooth as well as get you to that perfect euphoric state. Check out the impressive selection of full panel tested smokables, edibles and other fun cannabis options at Ethereal Gold Dispensary to see exactly what you enjoy more when it comes to the case of edibles vs smoking