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Delta-8 Carts Area 52 vs. Ethereal Gold Dispensary Carts

Looking for Delta-8 near me Area 52 that is in stock? There is a lot of buzz going around about Area 52 Delta-8 carts and Area 52 Delta-8 gummies, so we took a deep dive for you to give you our official Area 52 Delta-8 review. I’m going to start off by our determination of is it worth it to buy Delta-8 Area 52 offers? 

Delta-8 Carts Area 52

Our initial look into Area 52 Delta-8 carts on their website was “Where are the carts?”. For some reason. the Delta-8 carts Area 52 offers aren’t available on their own website. After speaking with them directly, they do offer all Delta-8 products Area 52 has to offer in their wholesale program.

Diving deeper into this, the Area 52 Delta-8 carts also do not have any lab tests listed on their website. However, with a bit of leg work, we were able to receive the current batch of Area 52 Delta-8 vape cartridge Certificates of Analysis (COAs) for all strains, and we were... less than impressed. These vape cartridges do not meet the Ethereal Gold Standard of testing; if you are new here this means they are not full panel tested and are missing multiple elements to prove that these products are both they proper potency and are safe from contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticides, and mycotoxins. 

The price of the Delta-8 Carts Area 52 offers is also a big pain point for us. The vape carts Ethereal Gold Dispensary currently carries such as the Koi 1 Gram Delta-8 Cartridges not only have full panel lab tests but also MSRP for $19.99. An Area 52 1 Gram Delta-8 Cartridge at MSRP is an overwhelming $89.00. Granted it looks like most wholesalers sell these for a discounted price of $59.00 — but still that's about triple the price of what we would consider one of the best Delta-8 Carts you can get.

Delta-8 Gummies Area 52

With the carts not looking so hot from our search on the Area 52 website, maybe the Area 52 Delta-8 gummies fare a bit better since Area 52 actually has them listed on their website. Starting off with the Delta-8 Gummies Area 52 offers (which I was surprised to find that they have one type available). The bag is purple and just says assorted flavors with no other info — like that there are 30 gummies with 25mg of Delta-8 each. If you are desperately in search of Delta-8 for sale Area 52 's offers on their website may not be the best place to purchase. 

When it comes to the testing of the Delta-8 gummies, Area 52's gummies also unfortunately do not meet the Ethereal Gold Standard. They are only tested for potency, pesticides, and heavy metals. Lacking testing for solvents, microbials and mycotoxins is a "big oof" for us — especially when it comes to a synthetically converted hemp-derived cannabinoid such as Delta-8 THC.

The price point of these Area 52 Delta-8 gummies is also pretty extreme. The bag contains 30 gummies at 25mg of Delta-8 each is an extremely high $69 per bag. That's 750mg for $69, whereas a bag of Hometown Hero Delta-8 Max gummies from Ethereal Gold Dispensary is $50 for 1000mg of Delta-8 THC. 

Area 52 Delta-8 Lab Testing

As of the time of writing this (3/1/2023), we have heard no official word from Area 52 if they are intending to up their lab testing to meet the Ethereal Gold Standard. However, like all manufacturers of cannabis products that we review, we would like to extend to them a chance to amend their testing. If their testing changes, we will happily change the information in this blog to reflect that they have met the Ethereal Gold Standard. 

We also would like to make note that Area 52 does offer products available in a variety of other cannabinoids such as Area 52 HHC carts and Area 52 Delta-9 gummies. However the lab tests for these products also do not currently meet the Ethereal Gold Standard. The only product in the Area 52 product line that we were given access to that does have a full panel lab test at this time are the Area 52 Delta-8 Cherry Tincture and the Area 52 Delta-8 Vanilla Tincture. 


Is the best Delta-8 Area 52 's products? We would have to give this a resounding no. Unfortunately the high price and lack of proper lab testing leads us to believe Area 52 may be more of a marketing firm than Delta-8 company —  when you compare their products with anything at Ethereal Gold Dispensary, you are paying far more for products that don’t stack up. 

If you are looking for the best Delta-8 gummies and Delta-8 carts, Ethereal Gold Dispensary has a multiple of products available at great prices that all meet the Ethereal Gold Standard so you can rest easy knowing that your product has a full panel COA and is the proper potency to get you the effect that you crave most. If it is information you crave most, the Handlers at Ethereal Gold Dispensary are available to chat at our Waukesha, Wisconsin Dispensary or at our online dispensary via the chat bubble!