California Hemp: Safe from AB 420?

California Hemp Supporters | AB 420 Shot Down!

Last week, we sounded the alarm bell about the looming threat to the full & broad spectrum hemp and CBD extract market in California (this bill would have also affected hemp-derived Delta-9 and other cannabinoids derived from hemp). We urged the Golden State's Hemp Supporters to rally against a potentially detrimental change that could have crippled our budding industry. Today, we stand proud and grateful to announce that our collective voice was heard loud and clear!

A Victory to Celebrate

The immediate danger we faced (AB 420), which aimed to set a harsh milligram cap of .001 on THC in hemp CBD products, is no longer a concern for this legislative session. California's legislators have shown that when we come together as a community, they take notice and act accordingly. This victory is a testament to the unity and determination of our stakeholders, consumers, advocates, and every single individual who lent their voice to this cause.

The Battle Continues

While we relish this victory, we must not let our guard down. The very fact that such a stringent cap was proposed indicates that the tussle for the hemp industry in California is far from over. We've learned that the Department of Public Health has ambitions to impose a .001 milligram cap. Their avenue might be through exercising their existing regulatory power to enforce this cap unilaterally.

But here's the silver lining: rule-making in California is neither swift nor covert. The process is protracted and transparent, which means we will have ample opportunities to intervene, engage, and make our concerns known.

With the legislative session drawing to a close in just over a week, the chances of a sudden introduction of a cap into any bill this year are slim. Yet, complacency is not an option. We promise to keep a watchful eye on the proceedings and should there be any under-the-table move, you'll be the first to know.

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Acknowledging the Heroes Behind Our Win

Our victory would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of the Hemp Supporters who used the State Action Center to raise their voice against the legislation.

While we continue to monitor the situation in California, we are also keeping an eye on other states. We are aware that certain monopolistic marijuana interests could potentially hinder the growth and freedom of the hemp industry elsewhere.

Looking Forward

We emerged triumphant this time, but the journey ahead might have more battles. When that time comes, we trust in our community to rise to the occasion once again. Until then, stand ready and stand united. 

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What was AB 420?

AB 420 was a proposed legislation in California that aimed to impose an extremely stringent milligram cap of .001 on THC in hemp CBD products. If it had passed, it would have significantly affected the broad and full spectrum hemp and CBD extract market in the state.

What was the outcome of the AB 420 proposal?

Thanks to the collective efforts of stakeholders, consumers, advocates, and hemp supporters across California, AB 420 did not pass for this legislative session. Our voices were heard, and the legislators chose not to move forward with this potential restriction.

Is there a possibility of such a cap being proposed again in the future?

Yes, there's a likelihood that a similar milligram cap could be proposed in the next legislative session. Additionally, the Department of Public Health has shown interest in imposing such a cap, possibly utilizing its existing regulatory authority.

How can I stay updated on any new proposals or changes related to the hemp industry in California?

We are dedicated to keeping our community informed. By subscribing to our newsletter or checking our blog, you can stay updated on all developments.

How can I contribute or help the cause?

Engaging with your local legislators, staying informed, participating in public processes, and supporting organizations that champion the hemp industry are all effective ways to contribute. Your voice matters, and together we can ensure the hemp industry continues to thrive without undue restrictions.

California Hemp Supporters | AB 420 Shot Down! (Audio Blog)

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