Hemp Industry In Trouble in California

Urgent Plea to California's Hemp Supporters | Take a Stand Now!

California's thriving hemp industry is facing an immediate threat, and we need you to join us in the fight. The broad spectrum and full spectrum hemp and CBD extract market (which many of us have come to rely on for our health, wellness, and business) is in jeopardy. Read on to understand the crisis at hand and learn how you can help.

What’s Happening?

A new legislative effort, spearheaded by State Assemblywoman Cecilia Aguiar-Curry, is in the limelight. While AB 420 initially aimed to refine the current hemp law and target malpractices in the industry, its trajectory has been hijacked. The state's marijuana monopolists are attempting to use this opportunity to impose overly strict THC limits on hemp and CBD products.

The outcome? It could potentially wipe out the broad and full spectrum hemp market.

To add fuel to the fire, the California Department of Public Health has stepped in, proposing a strikingly low THC limit for hemp: a mere 0.001 mg/g.

Why Is This a Concern?

Such restrictive THC limits will undoubtedly have far-reaching consequences for farmers, businesses, and consumers alike. From diminishing product effectiveness to putting livelihoods at stake, these limits could reshape California's hemp landscape drastically and detrimentally.


What Can You Do?

For those who understand the value of hemp and its diverse benefits, now is the time to act.

  1. Reach Out to Assemblywoman Aguiar-Curry: We urge all California Hemp Supporters to connect with Assemblywoman Aguiar-Curry promptly. Make your voice heard by expressing your concerns regarding the proposed THC limits on hemp products. Your message will carry more weight if you share your personal stories and experiences, illustrating the devastating impact these restrictions could have on your farm, business, livelihood, or well-being.

  2. Use the State Action Center: To streamline the process and ensure your message gets through, visit the State Action Center.

  3. Spread the Word: Even if you're not in California, you can still play a vital role. Share this action item with colleagues, friends, family, and social media networks in California. Time is ticking, with the legislature poised to act soon after the Labor Day holiday.

This isn't just a fight for hemp; it's a fight for our rights, livelihoods, and wellness. Let's come together to protect California's hemp industry from these impending restrictions. Every voice matters, and every action counts. Together, we can make a difference.


Why are there efforts to impose strict THC limits on hemp products in California?

State Assemblywoman Cecilia Aguiar-Curry introduced AB 420 to refine the current hemp laws and address malpractices in the industry. However, marijuana monopolists in the state are attempting to use this as an opportunity to impose stringent THC limits, backed by a proposal from the California Department of Public Health.

What would the proposed THC limit be?

The California Department of Public Health has suggested a limit for total THC in hemp at an extremely low 0.001 mg/g.

How will these THC limits affect the hemp industry and consumers?

Strict THC limits could drastically alter the hemp landscape in California. The broad and full spectrum hemp and CBD extract market might face elimination, affecting farmers, businesses, and consumers. Such limits could reduce the efficacy of products and endanger the livelihood of many involved in the industry.

How can I voice my concerns against these proposed limits?

We encourage you to reach out to Assemblywoman Aguiar-Curry and share your concerns. Personal stories about how these limits could affect your farm, business, or personal wellness can be particularly impactful. You can use the State Action Center provided in this article to effectively share your message.

I'm not from California. Can I still help?

Absolutely! You can play a crucial role by spreading the word. Share the action item with your contacts in California, be it friends, family, or through social media networks. Every bit of awareness helps in this urgent situation.