Black Friday Start Now! 40% Off Your Favorite Products For Life

Black Friday Start Now! 40% Off Your Favorite Products For Life

We are thrilled to unveil an exclusive Black Friday extravaganza, a once-a-year opportunity at Ethereal Gold Dispensary. Elevate your experience by securing a remarkable 30% to 40% discount on the products you enjoy and cherish — for a lifetime.*

For those unacquainted, our regular subscription grants you a 10% to 20% savings on your favorite items (up to 30% if it's a case for certain manufacturers). Subscribing ensures a seamless flow of your preferred products, always ready for dispatch and at the most favorable price.

In celebration of Black Friday, from November 10th to December 1st, every newly created subscription will enjoy an increased savings for 30-40% off the non-subscription list price for the initial order and all renewals!

Let it be known, that is offer only happens once a year. Maintain your active subscription, and the 30% discount endures throughout your journey. (Regrettably, canceling post-sale means missing out until the following year.)

To secure your lifetime subscription at 30% off, simply navigate to your beloved products, choose your subscription term, ensure you have $130 of subscription items in your cart, and proceed to checkout. It's that simple!

No code is required to partake in this Black Friday offer — it automatically applies at checkout. (However, if for some reason the code doesn't auto apply just use BLACKFRIDAYFORLIFE-10%. 

Embrace the ethereal allure of this exclusive Black Friday event at Ethereal Gold Dispensary.

Sale Specifics

Check out the below breakout of how this sale works specifically. If you have any questions, just click on our chat and one of our Handlers will be happy to assist.

  • When selecting a Joy Organics, .budder, or Koi CBD product, 10% discount will automatically give you a total of 30% off (40% off if you select a case of product)
  • When selecting a CBDFx, TRE House, or Hometown Hero product, 10% discount will automatically give you a total of 25% off (35% off if you select a case of product). The difference between 30% (40% if case) will be returned to you as a gift card on your initial subscription. On all future subscription renewals, will renew at a total of 30%-40% off as noted above. (Please note gift card may take up to 2 business days to arrive.)
  • The following brands are exempt from this sale, our apologies: High Spirits, Nowadays, Simple Leaf, Trojan Horse Cannabis, Wyld CBD. In addition, all Hometown Hero Moon Rocks, Raygun, and Zero G flower.
  • Do note that for newly created subscriptions, they are unable to be cancelled until two shipments (initial + 1 more) have been made. See our Refund Policy for more information.
  • Normal subscription exception's apply: May not be combined with other offers (except Trusted Agent offers) or Ethereal Gold Dispensary's rewards points redemption (however you will still earn reward points for your purchase for use on other orders)

Total Percentage off stated calculated as: One-Time Purchase Price * (Percentage Off for Case Pricing), then multiplied by 10-15% off for a total of 30-40% off.