Urgent: SB 591 Puts Virginia CBD Market in Danger!

Urgent: SB 591 Puts Virginia CBD Market in Danger!

The state of the Virginia Cannabis Market is in extreme danger — this even includes CBD products. The measure called SB 591 claims to be targeting Delta-8 as an outlying cannabinoid that lawmakers are cracking down on — as some say Delta-8 can be used to give users a buzzy or “high” feeling (which is true. Delta-8 does have lesser psychoactive effects comparing it to Delta-9). However, this measure is full of “misguided language (that) would actually criminalize the retail sale of most common, non-intoxicating hemp products such as CBD,” according to the  Virginia Hemp Coalition (VHC). 

The specific misguided language in question is a provision that would define “marijuana” as any substance containing above 0.25 milligrams of THC per serving, more than 1.0 milligrams of THC in an individual sales unit, or a total THC concentration above 0.3 percent. To make matters even more grey, the state of Virginia already defines that products sold “shall have a THC concentration not more than 0.3 percent on a dry weight basis.” — without defining THC as Delta-9 as the 2018 Farm Bill does.

Why Is This Concerning?

If this does not sound concerning to you, you should be aware that: “The overwhelming majority of nonintoxicating hemp extract products contain more than 0.25 mg of THC per serving,” the VHC continues, “common full-spectrum hemp extract products contain 1-2 mg of THC per serving.” We repeat: This amount is non-intoxicating to consumers.

If a bill like this were to pass, the entirety of the Virginia cannabis market would be affected. Farmers, processors, and sellers would all be faced with new restrictions that are unseen in any other state. This would put Virginia at a serious disadvantage in the cannabis & CBD markets and greatly affect all hemp product producers, retailers, and consumers. 

Many believe this bill is being proposed due to the state’s issues with gas stations and other small retail stores having an influx of sales of Delta-8 products that were found to have unmarked and over-legal-limit amounts of Delta-9 THC.  This is likely related due to the state legalizing home cultivation of marijuana last year; however, sales are restricted to licensed medical dispensaries. We strongly encourage Virginia residents to reach out to their lawmakers about this issue before the CBD market in the state crumbles.

Some Products That Will No Longer Be Purchasable

If this law is passed, these are some of the products that will be affected — to be more specific, anything that is not in the "Non-Detectable THC*" category will be affected. If you are in another state, or want to acquire some of these just incase the law passes, we carry a variety of different options at Ethereal Gold Dispensary, and our Handlers are here to help if you have any questions about cannabinoid legality. We also keep up-to-date articles on cannabinoid news, studies, laws, and regulations on our blog.

Hawaiian Full Spectrum CBD (1000 MG)

This tincture contains premium full spectrum CBD oil (cannabidiol) extracted from hemp grown on the Hawaiian island of Maui. The Hawaiian CBD plants are nourished by mineral-rich soil on the slopes of Haleakala, year-round sunshine and tropical rain. This rich CBD functions as an ideal full spectrum base oil. CBD offers stress resilience, a sense of calm and eases discomfort and inflammation after exercise. This tincture is lightly flavored with organic wild orange and Italian lemon oils.

Delta-9 Gummies (Watermelon)(300 MG 1:1)

These refreshing watermelon gummies contain 15mg Delta-9 and 15mg CBD each. Our Delta-9 gummies are federally legal, are manufactured from hemp-derived Delta-9, and contain under 0.3% THC by dry weight as written in the 2018 Farm Bill. No matter what you call it — high, euphoric, buzzed, feeling good — these gummies are made to give you that traditional Delta-9 (cannabis) high. You’ll have to try for yourself to see what experience you have!

Delta-8 Chocolates (Dark Tiramisu)(200 MG)

Our 200mg Delta-8 Dark Tiramisu Belgian chocolate is a delightfully decadent — and made without dairy or gluten products. Close your eyes and experience the flavors of coffee, a hint of spice, and the smell of a lovely Italian street café.

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