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Study Reveals Easy Cannabis Access for Minors Online

Recent findings from a study published in The Journal of the American Medical Association Pediatrics have brought to light a pressing concern within the cannabis industry — the ease with which minors can access cannabis from online dispensaries, resellers, and head shops. The study, which analyzed the age-verification policies of 80 online dispensaries across 32 states, revealed a notable lapse in stringent age verification measures, with nearly 19% of dispensaries requiring "no formal age verification at any stage of the purchasing process".

The Unsettling Discoveries

Over 80% of the online dispensaries under scrutiny accepted “nontraceable” payment methods like prepaid cards or cash, thereby potentially enabling minors to conceal their transactions. Moreover, about one-third of these dispensaries facilitated cross-state delivery, with a staggering 95% delivering to states with differing cannabis laws from the dispensary's home state. (This is not to say that there is anything wrong with using prepaid cards for example. But a customer's age must still be verified even if they use a non-traceable method of payment to adhere to state and federal laws. The same can be said about delivering to other states, as it requires the online stores to stringently follow the hemp laws in every state, while also restricting sales of specific products to states where they are illegal — as Ethereal Gold Dispensary does.)

The research also delved into the worrying trend of rising cannabis use among adolescents, exacerbated by the ease of online sales and delivery. A 2022 survey sponsored by the National Institutes of Health highlighted that daily cannabis use was reported by 6.3% of 12th graders, 2.1% of 10th graders, and 0.7% of eighth graders in 2021. (It is recommended that consumers do not use cannabis until their brains are done developing at the age of 25.)

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Ethereal Gold Dispensary’s Resolute Stand on Responsibility

In light of these unsettling discoveries, Ethereal Gold Dispensary emerges as a paradigm of responsibility within the cannabis industry. We are adamant about enforcing a rigorous age-verification process on every order, ensuring that our products are not only legal but also sold responsibly to customers of legal age.

Our age verification procedure is thorough, requiring proper identification to confirm the legal age of the purchaser, thus significantly mitigating the risk of underage sales. This staunch adherence to responsible sales practices not only complies with legal mandates but also accentuates our unwavering commitment to promoting a safe and secure environment for both purchasing and consuming cannabis products.

Act Now

Choose responsibility by opting for Ethereal Gold Dispensary for your cannabis needs. Our firm stance on age verification showcases our dedication to legal and responsible cannabis sales. Enjoy a 10% discount on your purchase this month by using the code SEPTEMBERBLOG at checkout.


What were the key findings of the recent study on online cannabis sales to minors?

The study revealed that nearly 19% of online dispensaries had no formal age verification process, and over 80% accepted nontraceable payment methods, making it easier for minors to purchase cannabis.

How many dispensaries were analyzed in this study?

The study analyzed 80 online dispensaries across 32 states to understand their age-verification policies and other practices concerning cannabis sales.

What were the trends in adolescent cannabis use as per the study?

According to a 2022 survey, 6.3% of 12th graders, 2.1% of 10th graders, and 0.7% of eighth graders reported daily cannabis use in 2021.

What were the study’s recommendations for online cannabis dispensaries?

The study emphasized the necessity for strict age-verification procedures for online cannabis purchases and advocated for stringent surveillance of online cannabis dispensaries to protect youth.

How is Ethereal Gold Dispensary addressing the concerns raised in the study?

Ethereal Gold Dispensary enforces a robust age-verification process for every order to ensure legal and responsible sales, thereby addressing the concerns highlighted in the study.

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