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Sheep Find a High-Grade Snack: A Curious Case from Greece

In a quaint yet striking incident from the heart of Greece, a herd of sheep turned into unexpected cannabis connoisseurs as they feasted on a banquet of cannabis plants. The picturesque semi-flooded plains of Thessaly, usually tranquil and untouched, experienced a fluffy invasion as a herd of sheep stumbled upon a greenhouse nurturing medicinal cannabis. The outcome? A whopping hundred kilograms of cannabis became a gourmet meal for the wooly wanderers!

Unforeseen Feast: Sheep, Shepherd, and the Greenhouse Saga

Near the town of Almyros in Magnesia, the sheep reveled in their newfound treat, perhaps a little too much. They soon began to exhibit “strange behavior” according to reports from One can only imagine the shepherd's astonishment upon discovering that his flock had munched away a significant portion of the verdant cannabis crop.

The owner of the greenhouse, who had already borne the brunt of Storm Daniel, watched in disbelief as the sheep (in search of fresh grass amidst the floods) helped themselves to what remained of his crop. “I don’t know if it’s for laughing or crying,” he shared with a sense of bewildered humor, recounting the misadventures that led to this peculiar day under the Grecian sun.

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Emerging Greens: The Highs and Lows of Greece's Cannabis Cultivation Journey

Ventures into pharmaceutical cannabis have significantly piqued in Greece over recent years, with many local farmers initially being spectators before realizing the potential goldmine in cannabis cultivation. In fact, earlier this year, Greece warmly welcomed its inaugural medicinal cannabis production facility near Corinth, a significant stride that holds the promise of enriching the local economy and a potential for exporting to broader European markets.

But amidst the humorous grazing incident and the hopeful cannabis ventures, a grim reality looms large. The floods that recently swept through central Greece left a trail of destruction, impacting livestock and agriculture severely. Over a hundred thousand animals perished, and the once-fertile Thessaly region (often referred to as Greece's bread-basket) has seen a catastrophic hit to its farming sector. The aftermath of the floods has not only left the region grappling with losses but has painted a somber picture for the whole country.


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What exactly happened with the sheep in Greece?

A herd of sheep in Thessaly, Greece, found their way into a greenhouse cultivating medicinal cannabis. They ended up consuming about a hundred kilograms of cannabis, which led to some noticeable "strange behavior," as reported by local news outlets.

How did the shepherd and the greenhouse owner react to the incident?

The shepherd realized something was amiss when the sheep started acting strangely post grazing. On the other hand, the greenhouse owner, already troubled by the damage from Storm Daniel, was left in a bewildered state, unsure whether to find humor or grief in the situation.

Has there been a similar incident before?

While the exact documentation might not be available, it's not uncommon for animals to stumble upon and consume substances like cannabis in regions where it's cultivated. However, this particular incident gained attention due to the large amount of cannabis consumed and the subsequent behavioral changes observed in the sheep.

How has this incident impacted cannabis cultivation in Greece?

The incident shed light on the broader scenario of cannabis cultivation in Greece, which has been gaining traction in recent years, especially for medicinal purposes. While the sheep's feast was a setback for that particular greenhouse owner, the opening of a new medicinal cannabis production facility in Corinth, Greece, underscores the growing significance of this industry in the country.

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