Oregon's OLCC Outlaws Delta-8, CBN, & More

Oregon's OLCC Outlaws Delta-8, CBN, & More

There are many reasons why we constantly stress how important full panel COAs are. Consumer safety is our number one priority so we can all enjoy cannabinoid products — in a safe manner and with wide availability. However, due to corner-cutting manufacturers and unsafe products flooding the market, the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission (OLCC) is now vastly over-reaching and outlawing all synthetically converted cannabinoid products, even those that are naturally occurring in the plant (even if they may be in small quantities) such as Delta-8 and CBN.

July 1st 2022 Ends Delta-8 for Oregon

This coming July 1st (in 4 days), all products that are synthetic cannabinoids will be banned outside of the license holders granted by the OLCC. If it is a synthetic cannabinoid that has a high (or intoxicating effect), it is outlawed completely. This means that, effective Friday, the following cannabinoids are banned in Oregon and we can also no longer sell them to Oregon:

The following cannabinoids (that we currently sell) are still allowed:

It is strange that CBN is being outlawed next year as well, as it is also naturally occurring in the plant and can be created by the degradation of CBD over time. Next year, CBN may still be legal but only if stores can meet the ridiculous and unreachable requirements to be able to sell CBN products in OLCC regulated retailers. That requirement is that CBN must have approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), an organization that won't even state that any CBD products are safe for consumption. One of our trusted manufacturers that does have full panel COAs on all of their products, WYLD, has created a petition to try to stop the reach of these new laws on their CBN gummies, as many people use CBN as a sleep aid.