Minnesota Legal Cannabis

Minnesota's Progressive Strides in Cannabis Legalization

The State of Minnesota has recently taken a progressive step by legalizing marijuana, a transformative decision extensively reported by the Star Tribune. Adults ages 21 and over can now lawfully purchase and consume marijuana for recreational purposes — marking a significant milestone in the United States' journey towards widespread acceptance of cannabis.

Yet, the legalization of marijuana extends beyond the personal sphere, heralding a sea of opportunities for the broader Minnesotan community. Foremost among these is job creation: with marijuana now recognized as a legal product, opportunities for growing, processing, and retailing cannabis will proliferate thereby invigorating the local job market.

Moreover, legalization also translates into a new and substantial revenue stream for the state via taxation. Each purchase of legal marijuana will contribute to the state's coffers, generating additional funds that can be funneled back into community enrichment — enhancing sectors such as education, healthcare, and other vital public services.

The impact of legalization may also extend to the tourism sector. As one of the pioneering states in the Midwest to legalize recreational marijuana, Minnesota could transform into a haven for tourists seeking a cannabis-friendly locale, bringing an influx of visitors who will engage with local hotels, restaurants, and other businesses.

The enactment of this new law signifies more than just policy evolution, it heralds a shift in our perception and understanding of marijuana. Ethereal Gold Dispensary, nestled in Wisconsin, enthusiastically embraces this evolution. Our dedication lies in providing high-quality, responsibly sourced, federally legal cannabis products to customers nationwide — including the newly green Minnesota. We are poised to support and actively participate in this new chapter for the legal cannabis industry.

MN Signing

Ethereal Gold Dispensary: Serving Nationwide

Ethereal Gold Dispensary takes immense pride in conducting operations in line with the 2018 Farm Bill. This legislation has played a pivotal role in our ability to offer and distribute our superior, responsibly sourced cannabis products throughout the United States, including the newly cannabis-legal state of Minnesota.

Our product catalog is diverse and meticulously crafted, aimed at catering to a multitude of tastes and needs. We provide potent, full-bodied cannabis flowers known for their distinct and robust character. Alongside these, we offer a variety of flavorful edibles that pair the unique attributes of cannabis with culinary excellence — crafting an experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

But the offerings don't stop there. For those seeking a modern, sleek approach to cannabis consumption, our range of vapes provides a contemporary and discrete option. Our carefully formulated CBD oils offer another alternative, providing all the benefits of cannabis in a soothing and non-intoxicating form.

A unique aspect of our product selection also caters to our furry friends. We provide CBD-infused pet treats designed to help pets enjoy the potential calming benefits of cannabis. Furthermore, we've ventured into the realm of cannabis-infused beverages, offering refreshing drinks that incorporate the wellness benefits of CBD and other cannabinoids.

As residents of Minnesota step into this new era of cannabis acceptance, Ethereal Gold Dispensary is more than just a supplier — we are a partner on your journey. Whether you're a newcomer to the world of cannabis or a seasoned enthusiast, we're here to facilitate an enriching and educational experience.

Our team is composed of devoted experts ready to guide you through the wide world of cannabis. They're equipped to answer your questions, share insightful knowledge, and help you make informed decisions that align with your unique needs and preferences. At Ethereal Gold Dispensary, we don't see your journey into the realm of cannabis as a mere transaction; it's a partnership based on trust, respect, and shared exploration.

Responsible Consumption and Quality Service

As Ethereal Gold Dispensary warmly welcomes the evolving legal landscape of cannabis, our unwavering commitment to endorsing responsible consumption remains a cornerstone of our operations. Our mission extends beyond merely supplying products — we endeavor to empower our customers with the knowledge necessary to comprehend the potency of diverse products, discern the unique effects of various strains, and promote conscientious usage.

Our team, consisting of seasoned cannabis experts, stands ready to provide accurate, comprehensive advice tailored to each customer. We believe that with the right guidance, everyone can find a product that suits their unique needs and preferences, whether that's for recreational enjoyment or as part of a wellness routine.

However, our dedication extends beyond our shelves. At Ethereal Gold Dispensary, we view ourselves not just as a retailer, but as an integral part of the cannabis community. As such, we take pride in providing educational resources designed to enhance understanding and dispel myths surrounding cannabis. Through community engagement activities, we aim to foster an environment of open dialogue, creating a platform for learning, sharing experiences, and dispelling misconceptions about cannabis.

No matter where you are located in the United States (whether it's the newly cannabis-legal Minnesota or any other state), Ethereal Gold Dispensary extends a warm invitation to you. Come experience the gold standard in cannabis products, service, and education. We look forward to being a part of your journey and helping you navigate the world of cannabis responsibly and confidently.


Who is eligible to purchase and use cannabis in Minnesota under the new law?

Under the new law, any person aged 21 and over is legally allowed to purchase and use cannabis for recreational purposes in Minnesota.

Are there any restrictions on where cannabis can be consumed in Minnesota?

Yes, while the law has legalized recreational cannabis, it does not permit cannabis consumption in public places. Cannabis should be consumed privately and responsibly. Always check local ordinances, as some jurisdictions may have additional restrictions.

How much cannabis can an individual legally possess in Minnesota?

Individuals can legally possess up to two ounces of cannabis in public under Minnesota law. However, in private residences, individuals can have up to 10 pounds of cannabis. It's important to note that these amounts are cumulative, including all forms of cannabis such as edibles and oils.

What about driving under the influence of cannabis?

The new law does not change existing laws regarding driving under the influence. It remains illegal to operate a motor vehicle, boat, or any other machinery while under the influence of cannabis. We strongly advocate for responsible and safe cannabis use.

Can I grow my own cannabis plants at home?

Yes, under the new law, Minnesota residents are allowed to cultivate up to eight cannabis plants at home, with no more than four mature, flowering plants at a time.