Is Delta-8 Addictive?

Is Delta-8 Addictive?

What is Delta-8 THC?

When wondering is Delta-8 addictive, you first need to know what Delta-8 THC is. Delta-8 THC is very similar to Delta-9 THC. However, many users report that it is more of a body relaxation and less of a head buzz than you get with Delta-9. It is commonly believed that Delta-8 has less feelings of paranoia or anxiety (compared to Delta-9) and brings on more relaxation and calm vibes. This cannabinoid is found in the cannabis plant; however the amount in the cannabis plant is so small, that you cannot have Delta-8 THC that is completely from the cannabis plant naturally.

The way we get the Delta-8 THC that we consume is by synthetically converting CBD to Delta-8, and this process can introduce harmful contaminants and chemicals into your product. It is important to consume products that only have full panel COAs (Certificates of Analysis) to ensure that these harmful contaminants and chemicals are properly removed from products before consumption.

If you are wondering how Delta-8 is legal we can look to the 2018 Farm Bill, which states that the hemp plant and all of its derivatives are federally legal as long as the derivative is less than .3% THC by dry weight and from hemp. So this substance is federally legal, but is Delta-8 THC addictive? 

Is Delta-8 Addictive?

If you are wondering if you can you get addicted to Delta-8 the short and simple answer would be yes. When asking a question like is Delta-8 addictive you really need to have a broad understanding of what addiction is. From a psychological standpoint anything can be addictive: gambling, sex, or even the buzz from jogging can all be considered addictive because the body and mind can crave more of them. Adapting to a lifestyle of craving more of a mental state or feeling is what we know as addiction and, by that standard, yes Delta-8 is addictive because that buzz and good euphoric feeling that users get from a Delta-8 product can be desirable. 

When it comes to any mind or body altering substance there will always be a layer of possibility for addiction, because addiction can happen with any substance. If you are giving your body a release from a feeling of reality to relieve a debilitating pain or anxiety that feeling is quite possible to become addicted to. 

Once the human body realizes it likes the good feeling from a substance (like Delta-8 THC) it is very possible that you start to build a tolerance from consecutive use; because of this tolerance you may consider taking more of the substance. It is when you get to this point of taking larger frequent doses to try to reach the original peak of effect that addiction can become a very serious concern. That is exactly what can make Delta-8 addictive. But a strong grasp on what addiction is and how to manage your tolerance and dependency will be crucial in the prevention of a Delta-8 addiction. Is Delta-8 addictive? Yes – in the fact that anything can be addictive if you like how it feels. 

What Causes Addiction?

Addiction is a chronic condition that goes hand and hand with dependence of a substance. You can classify dependence as needing to take a substance to feel a sense of normality, and when you are not able to reach that sense of normality (from having a low dosage of the substance or without it entirely) the body craves the substance.

Now, when it comes to Delta-8 THC it isn’t inherently addictive (like opiates or stimulants), because it is not chemically addictive. Instead it is similar to that good feeling you get from jogging; you can crave it terribly, but it is an addiction very similar to shopping or gambling.  

Even shopping can be an addiction. The burst of pleasure in your brain as you spend money and get things in return.

Can Delta-8 Cause Withdrawals?

Yes, you can experience mild Delta-8 withdrawal symptoms if you are dependent on and crave the feeling you receive from using it.  Your body can have intense Delta-8 cravings if you have been frequently consuming Delta-8 on a regular basis. This intense feeling of cravings is what leads to Delta-8 withdrawal. These mild Delta-8 withdrawal symptoms appear in only the most severe cases of addiction and are known to include nausea or a general feeling of uneasiness and discomfort, lethargy, or a general “out of it feeling” and headaches that can range from very mild to a severe splitting headache that will cause extreme discomfort and pain. 

Headache is one of the symptoms of Delta-8 withdrawal

How long does a Delta-8 withdrawal last?

These Delta-8 THC withdrawal symptoms can last between three to four days before going away completely (with symptoms persisting throughout the entire period of the withdrawal). 

The effects of a Delta-8 THC withdrawal are mainly craving-based, and that makes them far less severe than the life threatening withdrawal effects you would have from a chemically addictive substance like alcohol or opiates. So in most cases you would not need to worry about seeking medical attention if you are experiencing Delta-8 withdrawals. 

How to Prevent Delta-8 Addiction

A good way to prevent Delta-8 addiction is to have a firm understanding of Delta-8 tolerance and Delta-8 dependence. Delta-8 tolerance is a natural response from taking Delta-8 THC frequently. It is a normal and natural response. Your body is getting used to the body and mind altering effects from taking Delta-8 and is building a resistance to them. The best way to manage this is by taking a break to counteract the effect – if you are a frequent user, most report that a three to four week break will completely reset this built up tolerance. 

It is widely believed that a Delta-8 tolerance is completely different from a tolerance to another cannabinoid, so it may be a good time to try another cannabinoid during this break to reset the Delta-8 tolerance while experiencing something new!

Delta-8 dependence is where you start to see the ability to form an addiction to Delta-8 THC. If you are starting to feel like you can’t function properly without Delta-8, any substance, or even activity – you are in a dangerous territory of forming an addiction. We suggest that you stop taking any substance if you are starting to feel dependent on it.

If you are suffering from Delta-8 THC addiction and need help please contact the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration free hotline at 1-800-662-HELP. These free government services offer assistance and advice when going through the symptoms and struggles of addiction.

Just like gambling addiction should be taken seriously, if you are experiencing symptoms of Delta-8 addiction please call 1-800-662-HELP

The Safest Delta-8 to Consume

If you are looking for Delta-8 to consume, it is important that you are only taking the safest Delta-8. As we mentioned earlier, Delta-8 is made using synthetic conversion which can introduce harmful contaminants to the products you want to take. To ensure your products are safe, you need to take products that meet the Ethereal Gold Standard

Products that meet the Ethereal Gold Standard have full panel Certificates of Analysis and have been heavily vetted by our trained Handlers. This is the highest standard of testing in the cannabis industry. Most companies (and federal law) only require a potency test – and who knows what you’re getting in your product then (or even if they have the right amount of cannabinoids in them!).

We require full panel COAs (Certificate of Analysis) on all of the products we carry at Ethereal Gold Dispensary. This means our products have the testing to back the fact that they have the proper dosage amount and the cannabinoids you were promised, which can be crucial for making sure you know exactly what your dosage, tolerance and the amount you enjoy. They also have the testing to ensure that the products you are consuming are free from harmful microbials, solvents and other contaminants. 

We have made it our personal mission to educate consumers on the dangers of poorly tested products as the market is currently flooded with brands both big and small that are cutting corners and pushing cheap products that will get you a high but also introduce dozens of potential harms. If you are ever worried about a product you have purchased, the Ethereal Gold Dispensary agents are always available to look up and research products or lab testing via the chat bubble on our website at absolutely no cost. We want you to be safe out there.

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