Delta-9 THC Drug Test

Delta-9 THC Drug Test Results: How to Avoid a Positive Result

Chances are, if you are reading this, you are thinking about taking Delta-9 THC or already have and now have the burning question — will Delta-9 test positive on a drug test? Many users don’t understand just what Delta-9 is and how it is legal in their state. In this blog we will cover all these topics and more about Delta-9 THC drug tests.

What is Delta-9 THC?

Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, commonly known as Delta-9 THC, is the primary psychoactive compound found in cannabis plants. It is responsible for the euphoric effects — commonly referred to as the “high” — when using cannabis and is often referred to as just THC. Delta-9 THC binds to the cannabinoid receptors in the brain and affects the body's endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for regulating various physiological processes such as mood, appetite, and pain.

Delta-9 THC is extracted from the cannabis plant through various methods and is used in a variety of products including tinctures, edibles, and vape cartridges. The compound's psychoactive effects have made it a popular choice for recreational use, and it is also used for specific benefits to manage chronic pain, nausea, and other conditions.

Despite its widespread use, Delta-9 THC's legal status remains a subject of confusion and controversy. The confusion stems from the fact that while Delta-9 THC is still considered a Schedule I drug under federal law, you can also buy Delta-9 THC products legally federally and ship them to all 50 states — it just depends on a number of conditions. (This means that you can purchase products in all 50 states that are equivalent to states that have legalized marijuana for both medical & recreational use.)

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How is Delta-9 THC Legal in My State?

The legal status of Delta-9 THC can vary depending on if you are looking at med/rec THC-rich cannabis or hemp-derived cannabis. Both products have almost identical effects (when comparing similar mg dosages), however their legality is different. Med/rec marijuana (or THC-rich cannabis) legality varies from state to state — with many states having legalized THC products for medical reasons and a good amount of states that even have recreational cannabis products available. Many users find these med/rec products to be heavily taxed and quite expensive. Luckily, thanks to a federal bill in 2018, we have options for federally legal THC products that can be shipped nationwide!

In 2018, the passage of the Agriculture Improvement Act (also known as the 2018 Farm Bill) legalized the production and sale of hemp and hemp-derived products (including psychoactive THC products). Hemp is defined as cannabis plants that contain less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC — making them legal under federal law. Therefore, products that contain Delta-9 THC extracted from hemp are legal as long as they meet the federal guidelines.

However, it's essential to note that the legality of Delta-9 THC products may vary depending on state regulations. If you ever have any questions about legality of Delta-9 products in your state the talented Handlers at Ethereal Gold Dispensary are masters of all things cannabis and will be able to assist via our live chat!

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Am I Going to fail a Delta-9 THC Drug Test?

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to the question — “does Delta-9 show up on drug tests, Reddit?”. Users have been arguing over the fact if Delta-9 is even the same thing as THC. We are happy to be able to bring you the answers with scientific backing to clear up confusion. Delta-9 THC is the primary form of THC that drug tests detect and is the same as THC. The compound can stay in the body for different periods depending on the mode of consumption and individual factors such as metabolism, body fat, and frequency of use. Delta-9 THC can be detected in urine, blood, saliva, and hair follicles. If you are concerned about failing a Delta-9 drug test these are some of the base information you need to know about each type of test available.

  • Urine Test: Urine testing is one of the most common methods used to detect drug use. It is non-invasive and relatively inexpensive. The test detects the presence of Delta-9 THC and its metabolites in the urine. The metabolites can be detected in the urine for several days to a few weeks after use (depending on the frequency of use and the amount consumed).
  • Blood Test: This type of Delta-9 drug test measures blood to find the concentration of Delta-9 THC in the bloodstream. It is more invasive than urine testing and is typically used in situations where recent use needs to be confirmed. THC can be detected in the blood for up to a few hours after use, but heavy users may test positive for several days.
  • Saliva Test: A saliva test is another non-invasive method of drug testing that is gaining popularity. It can detect Delta-9 THC in the saliva for up to 48 hours after use. This test is often used for roadside drug testing or workplace drug screening.
  • Hair Follicle Test: Another form of Delta-9 drug test is the hair follicle test. It involves collecting a small sample of hair and analyzing it for the presence of Delta-9 THC. This test can detect drug use for up to 90 days after use. It is less common than urine or blood testing and is typically reserved for legal or employment-related drug screening.

How to Pass a Urine Test for Delta-9

If you have recently consumed Delta-9 THC, you are probably wondering “does Delta-9 show up in a urine test?”. We hope you aren’t getting tested soon because it will show up on a drug test. However, there are several methods that some users believe can help them pass a drug test. One method is to drink lots of water before the test to dilute the urine. While this can help, it is not a foolproof method and may not work for everyone.

Another method is to take over-the-counter detox products that claim to cleanse your system of THC. However, the efficacy of these products is questionable, and they may not be worth the cost. It's also important to note that detox products may contain ingredients that can cause false positives on a drug test. Never rely solely on a detox product if you hope to pass a Delta-9 drug test.

A more reliable way to pass a drug test is to abstain from consuming Delta-9 THC for a period of time before the test. The length of time needed for the THC to leave your system can vary based on factors such as your metabolism, frequency of use, and the amount consumed. Generally, THC can stay in your system for up to 30 days or more for frequent users — but it can be detectable for a shorter period of time for occasional users.

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How to Pass a Hair Follicle Test for Delta-9 THC

If you're facing a hair follicle test for Delta-9 THC, you may feel overwhelmed or stressed. While hair follicle tests are known to be more challenging to pass than urine tests, some users think there are some steps you can take that may increase your chances of a negative result.

First, it's essential to understand that a hair follicle test can detect drug use up to 90 days before the test. So, if you've used Delta-9 THC within that period, it's likely to show up in the test. One way to avoid this is to abstain from using Delta-9 for at least three months before the test. Additionally, avoid exposure to secondhand smoke or contact with THC-infused products.

Another option is to use a detox shampoo designed to help remove toxins from your hair. These shampoos typically contain harsh chemicals that break down the hair cuticle, allowing toxins to be removed. However, not all detox shampoos are created equal, and there's no guarantee that any of them will work. There is no scientific backing that any of these shampoos will change the result of your Delta-9 drug test — so use at your own discretion.

Finally, some people opt for hair treatments (such as bleaching or dying their hair) in an attempt to remove the traces of Delta-9 THC. However, this is not a recommended method, as it can damage your hair and still not guarantee a negative result. It's best to stick with proven methods (such as abstinence) to increase your chances of passing a hair follicle test for Delta-9 THC.

Does Delta-9 gummies show up on a drug test?

Yes, any form of THC products will show up on a drug test (including Delta-9 gummies). Drug tests are designed to detect THC metabolites, which are created when the liver breaks down THC. These metabolites are stored in the body's fat cells and can be detected in urine, blood, or saliva tests.

It is important to understand that this includes all types of Delta-9 gummies — be they hemp-derived or from THC-rich cannabis. There are also many different forms of THC gummies such as live rosin gummies, gummies with just Delta-9 isolate, and full spectrum CBD gummies which also have trace amounts of Delta-9. All of these different types of D9 gummies are capable of producing a positive reading on a Delta-9 THC drug test!

When it comes to edibles it is important to understand that any psychoactive cannabinoid will most likely make you fail a drug test. Even in the case of the hydrogenated form of Delta-9 THC. This cannabinoid, while not technically a form of THC, still metabolizes into a form of THC while consumed — so will most likely turn up a positive result.

Remember, any form of Delta-9 product will fail a drug test whether it is a Delta-9 drink, vape, edible, or tincture. This is straight up THC at its purest so remember to avoid it if you think you may be drug tested in your future.

Getting Federally Legal and Safe Delta-9 Online

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Does Delta-9 THC show up in a drug test?

Yes, Delta-9 THC can show up in a drug test as it is the main psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis and the most commonly tested for in drug screenings.

Will Delta-9 THC fail a drug test?

If Delta-9 THC is detected in the drug test (and is above the threshold set by the test) it will result in a positive test. If this is the case, the individual would fail the drug test.

Does Delta-9 show up on a urine test?

Yes, Delta-9 THC can show up on a urine test as it is one of the most commonly tested for cannabinoids in standard drug tests.

Is Delta-9 THC legal?

The legality of Delta-9 THC varies depending on the state and federal laws. Delta-9 THC is legal under federal law as long as it is from a hemp-derived source and the end product is less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC by dry weight. If it is over this limit (or if not from hemp), it is federally illegal and considered a Schedule I drug. It is important to check the local laws before purchasing or using Delta-9 THC products.

Does Delta-9 edibles show up on a drug test?

Yes, Delta-9 THC edibles can show up on a drug test as they contain Delta-9 THC, which is one of the most commonly tested cannabinoids in drug screenings. It is essential to be aware of the type of drug test being conducted and the specific detection window for Delta-9 THC before consuming any edibles.