Student Brand Ambassador

Share With Your Peers. Get Paid.

Share With Your Peers. Get Paid.

(This is a position only for students that are currently 18 years old or older)

Become a Student Brand Ambassador for Ethereal Gold Dispensary and:

  • Help communities that are disproportionately affected by the “War on Drugs”
  • Assist your friends, family, and peers to be able to sleep better, relax, lessen their pain, and more
  • Receive access to LEGAL products
  • Receive a 20% off code for yourself on any products you personally order
  • Receive a 20% off code for your peers on any products
  • Receive 10% of any purchases your peers make over the lifetime of your contract
  • Fight with us against the “War on Drugs”
  • Use a monthly budget provided by Ethereal Gold Dispensary for marketing to your campus. Just ask, and our Handlers will make it happen.
    • Need flyers? We’ve got you.
    • Need promo for an event or party? We’ve got you.
    • Would you like to host an in person or Zoom educational event on hemp-derived products and their benefits? We will set this up and run this with you.
    • Have a health clinic interested in products that can help students? We will run this with you.

This is an exciting and fun 1099-based position that can be completed remotely anywhere within the United States. You will work in a relaxed, choose your own hours environment where your interpersonal skills and organizational skills will thrive. Your outgoing personality and interest in helping others will prove beneficial to your success. This is a unique opportunity to join Ethereal Gold Dispensary to help the mission of supporting communities affected by the “War on Drugs” (5% of profits are donated to nonprofits helping these communities and individuals). Ethereal Gold Dispensary provides our customers with safe products that have verified, full panel independent lab test reports. This is the “Ethereal Gold Dispensary Standard”. We are setting the industry standard, above and beyond what is federally required. Ethereal Gold Dispensary is the only dispensary in the United States that requires this level of documentation and safety compliance for all products. We support our community and are a LGBTQIA+ friendly establishment with zero tolerance policy for racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc.


  • Be a positive representation of the Ethereal Gold Dispensary team. 
  • Speak to and educate your peers about Ethereal Gold Dispensary products and generate interest
  • Plan events/meetups on campus for your peers to generate interest & sales in our products


  • Student Brand Ambassador is responsible for generating at least 2 orders per week from customers using their code or link (We highly recommend doing more than this, but we don’t require it)
  • In the event Student Brand Ambassador’s contract is terminated due to 1099 contract quitting, failing to meet quota, or failing to represent Ethereal Gold Dispensary in a positive manner, the Student Brand Ambassador will receive commission from their assigned customers for 1 additional month

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