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50mg Delta-8 per Gummy

These delicious High Hopes Raging Watermelon Delta-8 Gummies are sure to delight. Delta-8 has been shown in scientific studies with promising results of increasing appetite, calming nausea, assisting with pain relief, and boosting mental health. Depending on your individual body, you may either experience increased energy and mood elevation, while others report an increased feeling on well-being and comfort. Delta-8 is like a milder version of Delta-9, and may cause lesser psychoactive effects. We highly recommend checking out our “How to Take This Product” information below.

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  • 1500mg (30 Gummies) – $2.33 per gummy

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500mg (10 gummies), 1500mg (30 gummies)


High Hopes

How to Take This product

Each piece of gummy contains 50mg of Delta-8

Important Information: Delta-8 Gummies (and all edibles) may take 30 minutes up to two hours (or higher, depending on your physiology). If you do not feel any effects from this product do not take more unless a four hour period has passed.

Adults: If you are a first time user, we recommend a 5-10mg of Delta-8 (Approximately 1/10 to 1/5 a Delta-8 gummy) dosage to start. When it comes to Delta-8, it is always better to start small than take too much.

Experienced users are recommended:

  • Infrequent users: 5mg (1/10 Delta-8 Gummy) to 10mg Delta-8 (1/5 Delta-8 Gummy)
  • Intermediate Consumers: 10mg (1/5 Delta-8 Gummy) to 25mg (1/2 Delta-8 Gummy)
  • Frequent Consumers: 25mg+ (1/2+ Delta-8 Gummy to your known tolerance amount)

Users may take additional Delta-8 doses, but are highly recommended to know your limits and you may wish to seek the advice of a medical professional.

Storage: Delta-8 Gummies should be stored away from heat and light.

Do not operate a vehicle of any type, or heavy machinery when taking this Delta-8 product. This product may cause drowsiness, dizziness, or be psychoactive, which may affect your ability to operate in a safe manner. Do not take this Delta-8 product if pregnant or breastfeeding.

Delta-8 Legality



Sugar, Corn Syrup, Hemp Extract, Water, Pectin, Natural Flavor and Color, Soy Lecithin, Citric Acid.


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What is Delta-8?

What is Delta-8


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