Why Trust Us? The Ethereal Gold Standard

Ethereal Gold Dispensary is an industry leader in ensuring that the products in our portfolio are safe and effective.

We take great pride in our vetting process for every single product that we bring to our store, making sure we get up-to-date, verifiable, and valid Certificates of Analysis (COAs) that test for not only the proper amount of cannabinoid in each product, but also testing for any dangerous solvents or contaminants.

Our High Standards:

Test, Test, and Test Again.

Ethereal Gold Dispensary’s testing standards are higher than what is required by state and federal law. We strongly believe that people taking cannabinoid products should be able to do so in a safe manner.

Law requires end products only be tested for potency. This means that extremely harmful chemicals (solvents), molds, microbials, mycotoxins, pesticides etc can be introduced by the manufacturer into the end product whether on purpose or due to neglect. We require all companies we carry to test for heavy metals, solvents, microbials, mycotoxins, and pesticides on all products (as applicable). This ensures the products are safe for you.

We, of course, also require testing for product potency. You can rest easy knowing that when a product says 250mg of CBD, you’re actually getting 250mg of CBD (within a 10% acceptable batch variance).

Our Handlers go even further than requiring these 3rd party Certificates of Analysis (COA) from manufacturers, however. Once we receive a COA, we ensure that:

  • The COA has a QR code that links directly to the testing lab’s record of the COA
  • We verify all values on the COA we have been given match the scanned QR code COA (no funny business allowed here!)
  • We contact the lab about the COA to further ensure it is valid and check the testing record of the manufacturer
  • We ensure that potency levels are within 10% of advertised amounts. (You’d be shocked at some of the things we’ve seen.)
  • We triple check that the distillate and the end product do not contain any harmful ingredients

If you want to verify testing results, you can verified manufacturer provided testing under the “Lab Reports” tab of all products on Ethereal Gold Dispensary.

Want to read the COAs and verify what they say for yourself? Please do so! If you are confused by how to read the COAs or what they mean, please click on the chat bubble and one of our Handlers will be happy to help you!